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1867 TO 1873. 



JOHN C. PETERS, M. D., New York, 

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the New York Medico- Legal Society ; First Vice-President of the Neurological 

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Of New York. 

HiNDOSTAN, especially the Presidency of Bengal, or more particularly the 
valley and delta of the Ganges, may justly be regarded as the home or place 
of origin of epidemic cholera. 

Hindostan has peculiarities of season, climate, winds, and productions ; 
and the Hindoos have anomalies of manners, customs, religious ceremo- 
nies, etc., which distinguish them from all other countries and peoples. 

The mai'ked feature of its seasons is that the southwest and northeast 
monsoons blow each for six months in the year, and regularly succeed each 
other. The southwest monsoon blows from the eastern coast of Africa and 
the Indian Ocean over the western or Malabar coast of India, from April 
until about the close of October, and across India to the northeast, towards 
China. The northeast monsoon begins about the end of October in fitful 
squalls until the end of November, when it regularly sets in and continues 
until the beginning of April, blowing against the eastern or Coromandel 
coast of India, athwart India towards Madagascar and the southeastern 
coast of Africa. 

Hence the influence of these regular winds would be to drive cholera, if it 
existed in a malarious form in the air, towards China for six months during 
the year, and towards the southeastern coast of Africa during the remaining 
six months. The disease will scarcely ever be blown towards the north- 
west, which is the direction in which it most frequently advances. Trade, 
travel, and pilgrimages take the northwestern route, and serve to explain the 
advance of cholera in that direction. 

In the neighborhood of Calcutta there are three hot and dry months, 
namely, March, April, and May, in which nearly 48,000 deaths from cholera 
have occurred in the course of ten years. Three hot and wet months, 
namely, July, August, and September, with only 11,000 deaths. Three cold 
and dry months, namely, November, December, and January, with 24,000 
deaths. And three transition months, with 22,000 deaths. 

Macpherson (see ^' Cholera in its Home," page 6) says : " It is clear that 
the three hot and dry months [while the wind is blowing towards China] 
produce fully four times as many deaths by cholera as the three hot and wet 
months, and about twice as many deaths as the cold and dry months ; while 
the cold and dry months slightly exceed the transition months in their num- 
ber of casualties." 


The temperature in the hot and dry months is only three degrees greater 
than in the hot and wet months, but the rain-fall is ten inches per month less. 
Hence very heavy falls of rain appear to diminish the prevalence of cholera, 
and the drying process increases the disease. This seems to corroborate 
some of Pettenkofer's views on a large scale. In the hot and dry months 
the Ganges only disgorges 36,000 cubic feet of water in a second ; in the 
wet months, 500,000. 

The customs of the Hindoos are very peculiar in some respects. It is 
calculated that 150,000,000 of them always defecate on the ground; they 
have no privies or latrines, and even the native soldiers under British rule 
will not use them. A mutiny greater than that of 1857 might be produced 
if this necessary hygienic rule were rigidly enforced. Many thousands of 
tons of human excrement have thus been daily deposited upon the open 
ground for some thousands of years. Outside of the large cities of India 
the bulk of the people always dwell in villages of from 2,000 to 10,000 
inhabitants, and from five to less than twenty miles apart. The result has 
been the accumulation of enormous amounts of fsecal matter, with a corres- 
ponding degree of saturation of the soil, and the consequent extensive pol- 
lution of water in every direction. The disinfection of India can only be a 
remote possibility, and Europe must make up its mind to be scourged by 
cholera from that prolific source for many years to come, unless she protect 
herself by quarantine and disinfection. 

-No human or animal compost is used in India for agricultural intents ; 
it is all left upon the open ground where it is dropped. On the other hand 
in China and Japan almost everything is used for purposes of manure, 
but in China it is carried in open vessels and vehicles to the fields ; whence 
dysentery and typhoid fever abound, while cholera never occurs unless it is 
imported from India. In Japan all filth is collected in closed vessels, and 
removed from all the towns and villages every night. Japan possesses the 
cleanest cities and the widest streets ; and cholera, dysentery, and typhoid 
fever are almost unknown. 

In China and Japan there are systems for the removal of excrement, and 
in both all human excreta are applied to the land as manure. But the Jap- 
anese are incomparably the most active, shrewd, and cleanly. Their streets 
are kept free from filth, and the houses, yards, and lands are preserved from 
pollution by most thorough arrangements. An army of scavengers is em- 
ployed during the nights in removing the debris and excreta of the day. 
There are no water-closets, privies, or dung heaps, but closed vessels are 
always used. They not only clear away the night soil, but the droppings of 
animals, offal, and kitchen refuse ; so that the poorest quarters of the cities 
are kept thoroughly clean. In neatness the Japanese are not surpassed by 
any people in the world, and if cleanliness is next to godlijtess, they deserve 
the palm. They all bathe every day, both masters and servants. 

The Hindoos style their country " the land of the ceremonially pure," but 
it is really that of the detestably unclean ; and their habits are so inveterate 
that nothing but the most arbitrary measures can ever eradicate them. 

As regards the spread of cholera among the villages in India, Dr. White, 


of Assam, a devout believer in Cunningham and Bryden, is forced to admit 
(see " Sixth Annual Report of the Sanitary Commissioner with the Govern- 
ment of India," p. 8) that " the history of the outbreaks of cholera is the 
same in every case. A case of sporadic cholera occurs in a Hindoo vil- 
lage ; the patient is placed in the smallest and closest apartment of the house ; 
a large fire is lighted, and as many people, friends and relatives of the suf- 
ferer, as the room will hold, assemble and squat around him solely for the 
purpose of praying ; as there is seldom, if ever, any attempt to administer 
remedies. The patient during Ifliis time is vomiting, defecating, etc., and 
the fomites of the disease must necessarily be carried off by the visitors to the 
crowded rooms and huts. After three or four days, five or six new cases 
occur, and so on daily, until it runs through the whole village or villages to 
which the persons first infected belonged. Its further progress is limited, or 
circumscribed by the rude system of quarantine maintained by the natives. 
As soon as it is known that any considerable number of fatal cases have 
occurred in any particular village, all the other places in the neighborhood 
cut off every intercourse with it. Although they may have very dear relatives 
living in it, they will not go near, nor allow any person from the infected vil- 
lage to enter their own ; and so rigidly is this precaution enforced, that 
many instances are known in which persons approaching a healthy abode 
from one where cholera existed, have been violently assaulted." 

Thus it will be seen that heat, filth, carelessness, and overcrowding are 
capable of making a non-contagious disease at least infectious. For Mac- 
pherson says (p. 20) : "While admitting that it is impossible to resist the evi- 
dence that cholera is contagious at certain times, I must still assert that it is 
pestilent in a very slight degree in the better houses and general hospitals 
of Bengal." Again, ordinary dysentery is not contagious ; but Professor 
McLean (see Reynold's "System of Medicine," p. 627) asserts: "Dysentery 
once established as an epidemic, is propagated by the effluvia from the evac- 
uations of those affected in crowded hospitals. In most of the Hindostan 
barracks the latrines were so badly constructed, so injudiciously placed and 
so illy kept, as to aid materially in propagating both dysentery and cholera ; 
by exposing the healthy to the effluvia arising from the evacuations of the 
diseased. He has seen these diseases propagated in hospitals by the prac- 
tice of preserving the evacuations of large numbers of patients for inspec- 
tion by medical officers at their morning and evening visits. No single 
measure of a preventive kind yet tried has exercised a more beneficial effect 
on the health of troops in India than the improvement which has been in- 
troduced in the position, construction, and care of barracks and hospital 

The filthy habits of the Hindoos have carried cholera to the ^' Hill Sani- 
taria" of Hindostan. Dr. McNamara (see "Treatise on Cholera," p. 262). 
says : " Simla is the most beautiful hill sanitarium in the world. It is placed 

1 According to Inspector General John Murray (see observations on the Pathology 
and Treatment of Cholera, 1874, p. 56) ; "Out of two hundred and mnety-one cases 
treated in the civil hospitals in Paris, from September 16 to November 10, 1873, o^® 
hundred and one, equal to thirty-five per cent., originated in the hospitals in patients under 
treatment for other diseases." There was probably less ventilation than in warmer 


7,000 feet up the Himalaya Mountains, north of Hurdwar. Scarcely a year 
now passes without deaths from cholera occurring at Simla, and in 1866-67 
and 1868 it appeared in a deadly form. Nor can we wonder at this when as 
late as 1865 the sanitary commissioners inform us that the "sides of the hills 
were everywhere studded with human excrements, and the smells which arose 
in every direction were a disgrace to a place which professes to be an asylum 
for the sick. The water was contaminated. In summer the dry beds of the 
mountain torrents are places of convenience and filth. The edge of a hill 
at a few yards' distance from the public r(iad was lined with filth, and evi- 
dently the resort of the numerous native servants of the locality ; and at 
some distance lower down the slope, is the spring from which the water 
supply of the summer residence of Her Majesty's Viceroy and many of the 
largest and best English houses in the vicinity is drawn. What must occur 
after every fall of rain is too obvious. Dr. Murray has made an elaborate 
series of analyses of the waters of Simla, which are naturally the purest 
he has found in India ; but as it reaches the consumer, it is the most impure 
he has ever analyzed. The amount of nitrates in it is something appalling." 

In no other country in the world are the pilgrimages so vast and numer- 
ous ; and if cholera be portable at all, it must be carried about by the 
thousands and millions of pilgrims who annually traverse Hindostan in 
every direction. 

These pilgrimages take place from Juggernaut to Calcutta, and along the 
whole course of the Ganges, which runs from the southeast to the northwest, 
through Patna, Benares, and Allahabad, up to Hurdwar, at the source of the 
Ganges, in the Himalaya Mountains. At Hurdwar, upwards of one half 
million pilgrims assemble on the 12th of April each year, and at least three 
millions every twelfth year. Lieutenant Bacon says : " On the road before 
us and behind, as far as the eye could reach, was a continued flood of 
human beings, rolling on toward the Ganges. Every avenue was crammed j 
every inch of ground was occupied. The uproar and effluvia were intoler- 
able, and the disgusting spectacles which are only too frequently exhibited, 
were almost sufiicient to deter any one from revisiting such a scene." 

According to Lieutenant-colonel Sir Alexander Burnes (see " Narrative 
of a Journey to and Residence in Cabul in 1836, '37 and '38," p. 77), the 
most extensive arrangements have long been made to convey pilgrims, mer- 
chandise, and disease to and from Hurdwar and Central Asia. " The 
Lohanee Afghans are a migratory, commercial, and pastoral people, who 
proceed annually into India to purchase merchandise. At the end of Octo- 
ber, as winter approaches, they descend into India, remain until after the 
Fair at Hurdwar, and commence their return towards the end of April. They 
all reach Cabool and Kandahar by the middle of June, in sufficient time to 
dispatch their investments to Herat and Bokhara ; and then pass on into 
Khorassan in Persia, where they remain during the summer. They march 
in three great divisions ; the first has twenty-four thousand capnels, the 
second nineteen thousand, and the third seven thousand. It is with these 
that the Hindoo merchants, and foreigners generally travel. This channel 
of trade is very ancient, dating before the time of the Emperor Baber, in 
A. D. 1505." 


The arrangements for the conveyance of pilgrims, merchandise, and 
disease farther west, are still more complete, according to Sir James Con- 
nolly. Due west of Herat, lies Meschid, the Holy City of North Persia. 
For eight months in the year all the roads to and from Meschid are thronged 
with pilgrims. Nearly sixty thousand come up from India, Cabool, and 
Afghanistan, and as many more from Turkey in Asia, the Caucasus, and 
shores of the Black and Caspian seas. 

The great Hurdwar epidemic of 1867 is well known ; over forty- three 
thousand deaths occurred then in the Punjaub from cholera. MacNamara 
(see "Treatise on Cholera," p. 251, 1869) says : " The epidemic crossed the 
western frontier of India into Afghanistan with fearful virulence in July, 
1867, and continued until the month of September. It appeared in Teheran^ 
towards the close of 1867, where it was also reproduced in t868." At that 
early period, MacNamara said : " Europe, therefore, is threatened with the 
disease, via Russia and Turkey." 

Henry Blanc, Surgeon Major of the Indian Army, says (see " Cholera ; 
How to Avoid and Treat it," p. 10) : " From Peshawur (northwest border 
town of India), the disease crossed over into Cashmere and Afghanistan, 
where it broke out with violence in July, 1867, and did not cease until 
September. Towards the end of 1867 it reached Persia, where it remained 
until the autumn of 1868." 

It is also well known that there was another great outbreak of cholera in 
the Punjaub or Northwest Province of India in 1869 ; over ten thousand 
deaths occurred from cholera (see " Sixth Annual Report of the Sanitary 
Commissioner with India," p. 33). " It prevailed in July, August, Septem- 
ber, and October, 1869. Drs. Cunningham and Bryden have most carelessly 
assumed that the disease of 1867 was blown only over the borders of India 
in 1869, and by a monsoon, which does not blow in that direction at this 

Dr. Bryden says :^ "The cholera of 1869 did not stop on the Peshawur 
tier in the first week in September. We hear of it above the Kyber pass at 
Jellabad, and before the middle of September its appearance in Cabul was 
reported. On the 21st of September, 1869, it had again been so long in 
Meschid that from fifty to sixty cases a day were occurring. And far be- 
yond, from the shores of the Caspian Sea, the arrival of cholera at Astrabad 
was announced. The English political agent at Astrabad writes, ' It first 
broke out among the soldiery and irregular cavalry. These being dispersed 
it spread in the town, and was very virulent. Those who can afford it have 
left the country.' " 

The Caspian Sea is now covered with Russian steamboats, which can 
convey the disease rapidly in various directions. The cholera which was in 
Teheran, the capital of Persia, in 1867, w^ould almost certainly reach Russia 
in 1868. Bryden says : " This cholera finds its termination neither at Astra- 
bad, nor Meschid. Cases of cholera occurred at Kiev, the holy city of Rus- 
sia, early in July, 1869, but there was no epidemic until the middle of 
September. At first it was supposed that the cholera had reached Kiev, 
from Persia, but it appears this year (1869) Tiflis has been unusually 
1 See ^'■Statistical Report of Cholera in India in 1869," p. 220. 


healthy." But the Teheran cholera of 1867 and 1868 probably reached 
Tiflis in 1868, in time to be forwarded to Russia in 1868 ; and doubtless Drs. 
Tholozon and Pelikan have entirely overlooked the cholera of 1867 in Per- 
sia, and merely deny its existence in Tiflis in 1868. 

However this may be, the epidemic of 1865 and 1866 in Russia left that 
country with 33,382 cases in 1867. In 1868 there were about eighty-three 
attacks in all Russia ; and in 1869 only nine hundred and eleven cases, and 
the majority of these were in the holy city of Kiev on the river Dnieper ; to 
which at least 50,000 pilgrims come yearly, some of them on their return 
from Jerusalem, and the holy places in Syria and the Caucasus. 

It is not only highly probable, but almost certain that the Hurdwar epi- 
demic of 1867 reached Russia by way of Persia, in 1868 and 1869, so that in 

1870 there were 20,140 cases reported. The Punjaub epidemic of 1869 was 
soon added thereto, and in 1871 there were no less than 305,229 deaths 
from cholera in Russia. At least Dr. Flauvel, one of the most competent of 
the French historians of the course of cholera, says that in 1869 and 1870, 
Poti, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, Kertch in the Crimea, Taganrog 
on the sea of Azof (the first southern Russian port that is cleared of ice in 
the spring), and Rostoff on the river Don, were among the earliest Russian 
cities to be visited by cholera. He says : " As usual the rapid propagation of 
the disease along the coast of the Black Sea, coincided with the arrival by 
steamships of travellers from infected points. No less than seventy infected 
vessels arrived in the Bosphorus, and Constantinople was soon attacked." 

The river Dnieper upon which the holy city of Kiev is situated, is connected 
by canals with the rivers Niemen and Vistula, and in this way cholera was 
brought through Poland up to the Baltic cities of Konigsberg, Dantzig, and 
Stettin, by Polish raftsmen in 1870. There were many attacks in Poland in 
1870, 187 1, and 1872 ; and in 1873, there were 37,586 cases and 16,248 deaths. 
It prevailed in Konigsberg, Dantzig, and Stettin, in 187 1, 1872, and 1873. In 

187 1 there were over 3,000 cases and 1,800 deaths in these Baltic towns ; more 
in 1872 ; and 8,669 cases and 5,057 deaths in 1873. In Galicia two hundred 
and twenty-four towns and villages were attacked. 

There was a slight epidemic in Hamburg in 1872 ; and 1,225 cases and 
877 deaths in 1873. 

There were 140,000 deaths from cholera in Hungary in 1872 and 1873 ; 
and many in Austria, Poland, Bavaria, and Italy. There were nearly 27,000 
deaths in Prussia in 1872 and 1873, of which 788 occurred in Breslau, 2,587 
cases in Dantzig, 5,277 cases in Konigsberg, 7,120 cases in Magdeburg, and 
many others in Warsaw, Berlin, and Dresden. 

It was almost a matter of course that cholera would be exported from 
Europe in 1873 ; it is even positively proven that it was conveyed from 
Genoa in Italy by two steamships down to Rio Janeiro and Buenos Ayres. 

Many of the first cases which occurred in New Orleans have been 
traced to persons who worked among the shipping on the levee, although they 
died in various distant parts of the city. The importation into Nashville has 
been positively proven as having occurred from Memphis ; and the arrival of 
the disease in Memphis from New Orleans is scarcely more doubtful than that 
of yellow fever, which is regarded as absolutely certain. In Cincinnati, cases 


had occurred and had been exported to Wheeling, West Va., before any had 
been reported in the former city. Cases were sent direct from New Orleans 
and Memphis up to Chicago as early as May, 1873. 

Great mistakes and confusion have arisen in New Orleans, Memphis, 
Nashville, Cincinnati, and other places, because careful examinations into 
the origin «f the disease were not instituted until weeks and months after 
cholera had commenced or even terminated in those cities ; and then the 
fatal cases only were more or less accurately recorded. It would be quite as 
impossible to trace the course of scarlet fever, if none but fatal cases were 
counted. Thus in France, in 1866, only ninety-five thousand cases proved 
fatal out of two hundred and thirty thousand ; hence according to the New Or- 
leans and Cincinnati plan one hundred and thirty-five thousand facts would 
have been suppressed or overlooked. When all the non-fatal cases are omit- 
ted it frequently happens that there is no apparent, or easily traceable con- 
nection between the fatal ones ; and it seems like going back to the dark 
ages of medical research to parade lists of fatal cases only of cholera, and to 
refer to them as containing all, or even the principal part of the facts de- 
scriptive of an epidemic. 

The marked resemblance between the progress of the great epidemic of 
1841 to 1849, with that of 1867 to 1873, has impressed man3^ The huge 
twelfth year Juggernaut epidemic of 1841, in India, was supplemented by 
an equally great Hurdwar outbreak in 1843. According to Professor 
Dickson,^ in 1844 it was known to have made an encroachment upon Af- 
ghanistan, where its ravages were considerable. In May, 1845, i^ was at 
Kandahar, carrying off three hundred victims a day. In June, at Cabul ; in 
July, at Herat. Some pilgrims going to Meschid, carried it to that city in Feb- 
ruary, 1846. From Meschid it traversed Persia from east to west, following 
the great roads ; reaching Astrabad in May, 1846, and Teheran in June, 1846 ; 
carrying off seven thousand persons in seventy days. It is significant that in 
1846 and in 183 1, cholera appeared at the precise time when the pilgrims 
were flocking in from all sides. At the same time following the west coast of 
the Caspian Sea, in November, 1846, it invaded the Russian provinces, at- 
tacking the same towns as in 1823 and 1831. Here it stopped at the end of 
the year 1846, and took up its winter quarters upon the frontiers of Europe. 
For several months nothing was heard from it ; there were indeed some 
moments of hope that it had disappeared entirely. But this illusion did not 
last. At the end of March, 1847, it started from its short sleep and reap- 
peared on the shores of the Caspian ; in May, 1847, it was among the 
Kossacks ; in July at Astracan ; on July 21, at Taganrog on the sea of 
Azof; at Kherson at the mouth of the Dnieper; then at Kiev; and from 
there down to the Baltic. It arrived at Hamburg in August and September, 
1848; and at New Orleans by three ships from Hamburg and Bremen, in 
December, 1848. 

In the " Bavarian Official Report," p. 14, it is stated that in two hundred 
and fourteen towns and villages importation of the disease could be proved, 
and that in eighty-one it was not. It is highly probable that intelligent and 
industrious investigators will find importation in all instances. 
1 See New York Journal of Medicine ^ January, 1849, p. 9. 

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Edited, with noies, by E. E. Hale and sketch 
of his life by J. H. Trumbull. 8vo, clo., 
uncut. Cambridge, 1885. $3 

28 Sights in Boston and Vicinity, by 

R. L. Midgley. Maps and plates. 12mo, 
clo. Boston, 1857. 60 cts. 

29 Narrative of the Horrid Massacre 

in Boston in 1770, &c. Map. 8vo, clo. N. 
Y., 1849. $1 

30 FlorulaBostoniensis. A collection 

of Plants of Boston and its vicinity, with their 
generic and specific characters, principal syn- 
onyms, descriptions, places of growth, and 
time of flowering, and occasional remarks, 
by Jacob Bigelow, M.D. 3d edition enlarged, 
containing a Glossary of Botanical Terms. 
12mo, clo. Bost., 1840. $4 

31 History of the Siege of Boston, 

Battles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker 
Hill also account of Bunker Hill Monument. 
With illustrative documents by R. Frothing- 
ham. 4th edition. Maps and plates. 8vo, 
clo. Bost., 1873. $2.75 

32 BRADFORD, MASS. History from the 
earliest period to close of 1820, by G. B. 
Perry. 8vo, bds. Haverhill, 1872. $1.50 

33 Memorial History from the earliest 

period to close of 1882, by J. D. Kingsbury. 
8vo, bds. Haverhill, 1883. $2 

34 BRADFORD, VT. History, with Gene- 
alogical Records, by Silas McKeen. Portraits. 
8vo, clo. Montpelier, Vt., 1875. $2.50 

35 BRIDGE WATER, MASS. History of 
early settlement of, with Family Register, by 
N. Mitchell. 8vo, bds. Bost., 1840. $6 

36 BRISTOL and BREMEN, ME. His- 
tory of the towns, including the Pemaquid 
Settlement, by J. Johnston. Map, portraits. 
8vo, clo. Albany, 1873. $3 

37 BRISTOL PARISH, YA. History of, 
with Genealogies of Families connected there- 
with, by Rev. P. Slaughter. 2d edition. 
12mo, clo. Richmond, 1879. $1.50 

38 BRUNSWICK, Topsham and Harps- 
well, Maine. History of, including the an- 
cient territory of Pejepscot, by G. A. Wheeler 
and H. W. Wheeler. Map and portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Bost., 1878. $4 

39 BUFFALO, N. Y. Authentic and Com- 
prehensive History of, with some account of 

i its early inhabitants, both Savage and Civil- 
j ized. 6th Nation or Iroquois Indians, &c., 
; by Wni. Ketchum. 2 vols., 8vo, clo, Buffalo, 
1 1864. $3 

I 40 BUNKER HILL. Proceedings of the 
i Bunker Hill Monument Association at the 
] annual meetings held on June 17, from 1861 
i to 1874 inclusive. Bound up in 1 vol. 8vo, 
hlf. mor., git. top. Bost., 1861-74. $3 

41 COHOES, N. Y. History of, from its 
ij earliest settlement to 1877. 8vo, clo. Albany, 

: 11877 $2.50 

42 CALIFORNIA, for health, pleasure and 
residence, a book for travelers and settlers. 
Illustrated. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1872. $1.50 

43 Tour of Duty in, including a de- 
scription of Gold Region, Voyage around Cape 
Horn, Notices of Lower California, Gulf and 
Pacific Coasts, &c., by J. W. Revere, U. S. 
N. Map and plates. 12mo, clo. N. Y.,1849. 


44 History from its discovery, by E. 

S. Capron. Map. 12mo, clo. Bost., 1854. 


45 16 Months at the Gold Diggings, 

by D. B. Woods. 12mo, clo. N Y., 1851. 

75 cts. 

46 Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity 

in. 92 engravings (by Hutchings). 8vo, clo. 
San Francisco, 1861. $1 

47 What I saw in, being a Journal of 

a Tour in 1846-7, by E. Bryant. 4th edition, 
with Appendix. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1849. 


48 and Oregon Trail, being sketches 

of Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life, by 
Francis Parkman. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1849. 


49 and Oregon, or sights in the Gold 

Region and scenes by the way, by T. T. 
Johnson, and Overland Route to Oregon, by 
S. R. Thurston. 12mo, clo. Phil., 1857. 

75 cts. 

50 and New Mexico. Message of 

President Z. Taylor, with documents in rela- 
tion to, 1847-8-9. Maps. 8vo, hlf. roan, 976 
pages. Wash., 1850. $1.50 

51 Series of Charts with Sailing Di- 
rections, embracing Surveys, State of Cali- 
fornia (with descriptions), by C. Ringgold, U. 
S. N. Map>s and mews of the different harbors. 
Imp. 8vo, clo. Wash., 1852. $2 

52 CANADA. The Canadas, compiled 
from original documents furnished by Jonn 
Gait and other authentic sources, by Andrew 
Picken. Map. 12mo, clo. Lond., 1832. $2 

53 A Subaltern's Furlough: descrip- 
tive of scenes in U. S., Upper and Lower 
Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, in 
1832, by E. T. Coke. 2 vols. 12mo, clo. 
N. Y., 1833. $2 

54 Statistical Sketches of Upper Can- 
ada, by a Backwoodsman. 16mo, half mco. 
Lond., 1832. $2 

55 Columbia and Canada: Notes on 

the Great Republic and New Dominion. A 
supplement to " Westward by Rail," by W. 
F. Rae. 8vo, clo. N. Y. (Lond.), 1879. $2 

56 —. — Voyages from Montreal through 
the Continent of N. A. to frozen and Pacific 
Oceans, in 1789-93, by Sir A. Mackenzie. 
Portrait. 8vo, shp. N. Y., 1814. $3 

57 Views of Canada and the Colonists, 

by J. B. Brown. 2d ed., enlarged. Map. 
12mo, clo. Edin., 1851. $1.50 

58 History of Upper and Lower Can- 
ada, by R. M Martin. View, 2 maps. 12mo, 
clo. Lond., 1836. $1.50 

Nash ai^d Pieece, 

59 Report and Dispatches of the Earl 

of Durham, Her Majesty's High Commis- 
sioner and Governor-General of British North 
America. 8vo, half calf. Lond., 1839. $2.50 

60 Bubbles of Canada, by Author of 

"Clockmaker" (Haliburton). Svo, bds., un- 
cut. Lond., 1839. $1.50 

61 History of Nova Scotia, Cape Bre- 
ton, Sable Islands, N. Brunswick, P. Edward. 
Bermudas, Newfoundland, &c., by R. M. 
Martin. View, 2 maps. 12mo, clo. Lond., 
1837. $1.50 

62 ~ — Old Regime in Canada, by Francis 
Parkman. Map. 8vo, clo. Lond., 1875. $2 

63 New Brunswick, with notes for 

Emigrants. Early History, account of Indians, 
Settlement, Geology, &c., by A. Gesner. 
Plates. 8vo, clo., uncut. Lond., 1847. $2 

64 British North American Colonies. 

Letters upon the existing treaties with 
France and America, as regards their "Rights 
of Fishery " on the coasts of Nova Scotia, 
Labrador and New Foundland, &c., by G. R. 
Young. Map. Svo, bds., uncut. Lond., 
1834. $1.50 

65 A Tour through Upper and Lower 

Canada, by a Citizen of the United States. 
Religion, Learning, Commerce, Agriculture, 
Colonization, Customs and Manners, among 
the English, French and Indian Settlement. 
16mo, shp., pp. 119. Litchfield, 1799. $3 

With MSS. title. Clean copy. The author was 
Rev. Jolan C. Ogden, son-in-law of Gen. David 


66 Travels through the U. S. and 

Canada in 1818-19, by J. M. Duncan. (Tus- 
carora Indians, Canada, &c.) 2 vols, 12mo, 
bds. N. Y., 1823. $2 

67 Conquest of Canada, by Warbur- 

ton. 2 vols., 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1850. $2 

68 Invasion of Canada in 1775, includ- 
ing the Journal of Cap. Simeon Thayer, de- 
cribing the Perils and Sufferings of the Army 
under Col. B. Arnold. With Notes and Ap- 
pendix, by E. M. Stone. Map, jJlo^ie and 2 
portraits. 4to, large paper, uncut. Provi- 
dence, 1867. $4 

69 Journal of the late Actions of the 

French at Canada, by Col. Nicholas Beyard 
and Lieut. -Col. C. Lodowick. 1692. 4to, 
bds. , uncut (one of 25 copies on large paper). 
N. Y., 1868. $3.50 

70 CAPE COD, MASS. History of, An- 
nals of Barnstable County and of its several 
towns, including the district of Mashpee, by 
F. Freeman. Portraits. 2 vols., royal 8vo, 
clo., uncut. Bost., 1869. $10 

History of the, being account of the settle- 
ment of town of Willsborough, by Wm. Gilli- 
land, with his Journal and other papers. 
Memoir and notes, by W. C. Watson. Svo, 
sewed, uncut. Albany, 1863. $2 

72 CHARLESTOWN, N. H. History of, 
the old No. 4, embracing the Indian, French 
and Revolutionary Wars and Vermont Con- 

troversy; also Genealogies and Sketches of 
Families, by H. H. Saunderson. Illustrated. 
Thk. Svo, clo. Claremont, 1876, $4 

73 CHARLESTON, S. C. Reminiscences, 
by J. N. Cardozo. 12mo, pr. 1866. $1 

74 CHAUTAUQUA CO., N. Y. History 
from its First Settlement to Present Time. 
With numerous Biographical and Family 
Sketches, by Andrew W. Young. 118 por- 
traits. Svo, clo., pp. 672. Buffalo, 1876. 


Antiquities, Pioneer History, Indians, Holland 
Purchase, Political, Town Histories, c&c. 

75 CHERRY VALLEY, N. Y. Centen- 
nial Celebration at Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., 
N. Y. , July 4, 1840. Addresses of W. W. 
Campbell and W. H. Seward. 12mo, clo. 
N. Y., 1840. $2 

76 CHIPPEWA VALLEY. History of, 
Record of all important Events that have 
transpired in the Valley of the Chippewa, 
from its Earliest Settlement by White People, 
Indian Treaties, Counties, by T. E. Randall. 
Svo, clo. Eau Claire, Wis., 1875. $2 

77 CINCINNATI. Natural and Statistical 
View, or Picture of Cincinnati and the Miami 
Country. With Appendix, by Daniel Drake. 
2 maps. 12mo, shp. Cin., 1815. $3.50 

78 CINCINNATI, O., in 1841, 1851 and 
1859, its early Annals and future prospects, 
sketches, &c., by Charles Cist. Plates. 3 
vols , 12mo, clo. Cin., 1841-59. $5 

79 CLAVERACK, N. Y. History of the 
R. P. D. Church, by F. N. Zabriskie. 2 por- 
traits and 3 plates. Social and Civil History 
of the town, by E, S. Porter, with genealogy. 
Svo, clo. Hudson, 1867. $2 

80 COLORADO. Report upon the Colorado 
River of the West. Geology, Botany, Zoo- 
logy, and Indians. Maps and many plates, 
some colored, of Indians, Scenery, &c. By J. 
C. Ives. 4to, clo. Wash., 1861. $2 

81 The Mines of, by O. J. Hollister. 

Map. 12mo, clo. Springfield, 1867. $1 

82 Its Gold and Silver Mines, fai-ms 

and stock ranges, and health and pleasure re- 
sorts. Tourist's Guide to the Rocky Moun- 
tains, by F. Fosselt. Maps and plates. 12mo, 
clo. N, Y„ 1880. $1 

83 Exploration of the Colorado River 

of the West and its Tributaries, explored in 
1869 to '72, by J. W. Powell. Numerous 
plates. 4to, clo. Wash., 1875. $3 

84 COLUMBIA COLLEGE, Addresses of 
newly appointed Professors, with introduc- 
tory address by Wm. Betts. Svo, clo, N, Y., 
1858. $1 

85 Inaugural Addresses of T. W. 

Dwight and Geo. P. Marsh. Svo, clo. N. 
Y., 1859. 75 cts. 

86 COLUMBUS, OHIO, its History, Re- 
sources and Progress, by J. H. Studer. Illus- 
trated. Svo, clo. 1873. $1.50 

87 CONCORD, MASS., in the Colonial 
Period, a history of the Town of Concord, 
1635-1689, by C. H. Walcott. Map. Svo, 
clo, Bost,, 1884. 13 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 

88 CONCORD, K H. History from its 
first grant in 1725, with history of the Ancient 
Penacooks, Biography, Genealogy, &c. Por- 
traits. By N. Bouton. 8vo, clo., pp. 786. 
Concord, 1856. " $6 

89 CONNECTICUT. Complete History, 
Civil and Ecclesiastical, from the emigration 
of its first Planters, 1630, to 1764, and to close 
of the Indian Wars, by Benjamin Trumbull. 
Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, shp. Nevr Haven, 1818. 


90 Complete History, from 1630 to 

1713, by B. Trumbull. Map and 3 portraits. 
Vol. 1. All published. 8vo, shp. Hartford, 
1797. $5 

91 Memoirs of Rev. Ammi Rogers, 

persecuted in Connecticut on account of re- 
ligion and politics for almost twenty years, 
falsely accused and imprisoned in Norwalk 
Gaol on the charge of crimes said to have 
been committed with a young woman in Gris- 
wold, Conn.,&c. 12mo, bds. 1824. $1.25 

92 History of Stamford, Conn., in- 
cluding Darien, by E. B. Huntington. Por- 
traits and mews. 8vo, clo. Stamford, 1868. 


93 History of Cromwell, Conn., by 

Rev. M. S. Dudley. 8vo, pp. 36, double col- 
umn. Middletown, 1880. 50 cts. 

94 Litchfield County Centennial Cel- 
ebration, held at Litchfield, Conn., 13th and 
14th of Aug., 1851. Plate. 8vo, sewed, pp. 
212. Hartford, 1851. $1 

95 Historical Address at Second Cen- 
tennial of the first settlement of the town of 
Stamford, Conn., by J. W. Alvord, Dec. 22, 
1841. 8vo, pp. 40. K Y., 1842. 25 cts. 

96 History of Guilford, Conn., from 

its first settlement in 1639, by R. D. Smith. 
8vo, clo. Albany, 1877. $2 

97 The Boundary Disputes of Connec- 
ticut, by C. W. Bowen. Portrait and 17 maps. 
4to, clo. Bost., 1882. $4 

98 Historv of the Town of Wolcott, 

from 1731 to 1874, by S. Orcutt. 8vo, clo. 
Waterbury, 1874. $3.50 

99 History of Torrington, from 1737, 

with Biographies and Genealogies, by S. Or- 

; cutt. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Albany, 1878. 
I $3.50 

! 100 Ecclesiastical and other Sketches 

I of Southington, Conn., by Rev. H. R. Timlow 
; (with Southington Genealogies, 275 pp.) Por- 
i traits. 8vo, clo. Hartford, 1875. $5 

I 101 Historical Catalogue of the First 

' Church in Hartford, 1833-1885. Lists of 

' Members, Births, Baptisms and Marriages. 

12mo. Hartford, 1885. $2.50 

102 History of the Episcopal Church 

in, from the settlement of the colony to the 

present time, by E. E. Beardsley, D.D. 2 vols., 

\ 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1865-8. $3.50 

! 103 History of the First Church in 

Hartford, 1633-1883, by G. L. Walker, lllus- 
irated. 8vo, clo. Hartford, 1884. $4 

104 History of Newgate, of Connec- 
ticut, at Simsbury, now East Granby, its In- 
surrections and Massacres, working of its 
Mines, &c., by R. H. Phelps. Portrait. 8vo, 
clo. Albany, 1860. $2 

105 Early Lebanon, Conn., an Histori- 

ical Address, July 4, 1876, by Rev. O. D. 
Hine, with historical notes, by N. H. 
Morgan. (Trumbull Family Births, Deaths 
and Marriages, &c.) 12mo, clo. Hartford, 
1880. $1.50 

106 Extracts from the Records of Col- 
chester, with some transcripts from the re- 
cording of M. Taintor, of " Brainford," Conn., 
by C. M. Taintor. 12mo, clo. Hartford, 1864. 


107 History, from the first settlement, 

by G. H. Hollister. 2d edition, enlarged. 
Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, emb. mor., rubbed. 
Hartford, 1857. $6 

108 Public Records of the Colony of 

Connecticut. 1636-1689, with notes and 
appendix, by J. H. Trumbull. 3 vols., 8vo, 
clo. Hartford, 1850-9. $10 

109 Norwich Jubilee. Report of the 

Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the 
settlement of the ^Town, with appendix of 
historical documents, by J. W. Stedman. 
Plates. 8vo, hlf. elf. Norwich, 1859. $1.25 

110 History of Ridgefield, Conn., from 

its first settlement, by D. W. Teller. Plates. 
12mo, clo. Danbury, 1878. $2.25 

111 Historical Address 100th Anniver- 
sary of the Town of Salisbury, Conn., Oct. 
20, 1841, by S. Church. 8vo, pp. 96, soiled 
and corner cut. New Haven, 1842, $1 

112 Ancient Historical Records of Nor- 
walk, Conn., with a plan of the ancient 
settlement and of the town in 1847, with 
Genealogical Register, by E. Hall. Map 
and plates. Norwalk, 1865, $3 

113 History of the Colony of New 

Haven, Conn., to its absorption into Connec- 
ticut, by E. E. Atwater. 2 maps and cuts. 
8vo, clo. Newhaven, 1881. $3.50 

114 Excursion of the Putnam Phalanx 

to Boston, Charleston and Providence in 1859. 
Plate. 8vo. Hartford, 1859. $1 

115 Historical Discourse at Norwich, 

Sept., 1859. Bi-Centennial of its settlement, 
by D. C. Gilman. 8vo. Boston, 1859. 75 cts. 

116 Centennial Historical Sketch of 

New London, by W. H. Starr. 8vo. N. L., 
1876 50 cts. 

117 Annals of Yale College from its 

foundation to 1838, by E. Brow^n. 2d ed. 
8vo, clo. N. H., 1838. $3 

118 Sketches of Yale College, with 

Anecdotes, Engravings, by a Member. With 
15 extra plates laid in loose. 16 mo, bds. N. 
Y., 1843. $3 

119 Papers of the New Haven Colony 

Historical Society. Vol. 1. 8vo, clo. N. 
H., 1865. a $2 

120 History of Ancient Woodbury, 

Conn. , from the first Indian Deed in 1659 to 

Nash and Pierce, 

1879, including present towns of Washing- 
ton, Southbury, Bethlehem. Roxbiiry and part 
of Oxford and Middlebury, with Grenealogi- 
cal statistics, and of ancient Stratford, from 
1639 to 1728, by W. Cothren. 3 vols!. 8vo. 
(Vol. 1 not bound, 2 and 3 in cloth.) Wood- 
bury, 1854-79. $10 

121 History of Greenwich, Conn., by 

Daniel M. Mead. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1857. 


123 History of Franklin, Conn., by A. 

Woodward, &c. Map and portraits. 8vo, 
clo. K H., 1869. $1.25 

123 History of Norwich, Conn., from 

its possession by Indians to 1866, by F. M. 
Caulkins. Portraits. 8vo, hlf. mor, 1866. 


124 History of Redding, Conn., from 

its fiist settlement, with notes on different 
families, by C. B. Todd. Portrait. 8vo, clo. 
N. Y., 1880. $2 

125 History of Wallingford, from its 

settlement in 1670 to present time, including 
Meriden and Cheshire, by C. H. S. Davis, 
Portraits and plates. Thk. 8vo, clo. Meriden, 
1870. $3.50 

126 History of Norwich, 1660 to 1845, 

by Miss F. M. Caulkins. Plates. 12mo, clo. 
Norwich, 1845. $2.50 

127 History of the Indians of Conn., 

from the earliest known period, by De Forest. 
Plates. 12mo, clo. Hartford, 1851. $2 

128 History of the South Congrega 

tional Church, New Haven, by Gr. Hallock. 
12mo, clo. N. H., 1865. $1.25 

129 Usefulness and Expedience of 

Souldiers as discovered by reason and experi- 
ence, etc. A Sermon preached to an Artillery 
Company at Guilford, May 25, 1736, on the 
day of their first choosing their officers, by 
Thomas Ruggles, Pastor of the First Church 
there. 12mo, hlf. elf. N. London, 1737. 

^3 50 

130 Trip of the First Regiment, C. N. 

G., to Yorktown, Va., and Charleston, S. C,, 
in 1881, by J. G. Rathbun. Portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Hartford, 1882. $1.50 

131 CORINTH, ME. Early Gleanings and 
Random Recollections of \he Town, 1792- 
1883, by M. S. Palmer. 8vo, pp. 34. Bangor, 
1883. $1 

132 DANBY, VT. History and Map of 
Danby, Vermont, by J. C, Williams. Map. 
8vo, clo. Rutland, Vt., 1869. $2.50 

133 DANVERS, MASS. History of the 
Town of, from its early settlement to 1848, by 
J. W. Hanson. 12mo, clo. Danvers, 1848. $4 

134 DARIEN. Reports of Explorations 
and Surveys to ascertain the practicability of 
a Ship Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific 
Oceans by the way of the Isthmus of Darien, 
byT. O. Self ridge. 14 plates and 17 maps. 
4to, clo. Wash., 1874. $2.50 

135 DAVENPORT, IOWA, Past and Pres- 
ent, Person^ and Anecdotal Reminisences, 
&c., by F. B. Wilkie. PlaUs. 8vo, clo. 
Davenport, 1858. $1.50 

136 DELAWARE. Hi4ory of New Swe- 
den, or the Settlements on the River Dela- 
ware, by Israel Acrelius. Trans'd from 
Swedish, with Notes, &c., by W. M. Rey- 
nolds. Map and plates. 8vo, clo., uncut. 
Phil., 1874. $3 

137 DELAWARE CO., PA. History of, 
Geology, Catalogue of Minerals, Plants, &c., 
by G. Smith. Map and plates. 8vo, hlf. elf. 
Phil., 1862. $4 

138 DELAWARE RIVER. Documents 
relating to the History of the Dutch and Swed- 
ish Settlements on the Delaware River [1624- 
1682]. Translated and compiled from origi- 
nal MSS. by B. Fernow. (Vol. 12, N. Y. 
Col. Doc.) 4to, clo., pp. (50) 669. Albany, 
1877. $3 

139 DELAWARE WATER GAP, its scen- 
ery, legends and early history, by L. W. Brod- 
head. 12mo, clo. Phil., 1870. $1 

140 DETROIT, MICH. Sketches and Rem- 
iniscences of the City of the Straits and its 
Vicinity, by Robert E. Roberts. Illustrated. 
8vo, clo. Detroit, 1884. $2 

141 DOUGLASS, MASS. History of, by 
W. A. Emerson. Illustrated. 8vo, bds. Bost., 
1879. $2 

142 DUNSTABLE, MASS. History of the 
Town, by Elias Nason. Portrait and cuts. 
8vo, clo. Bost., 1877. $2.50 

143 DUTCHESS CO., N. Y. General 
History from 1609 to 1876, by P. H. Smith. 
Large map and illustrations. 8vo, clo. 1877. 


144 EASTHAMPTON, MASS. History, 
with a Genealogical Record of its original 
families, by P. W. Lyman. 12mo, clo. 
Northampton, 1866. $1.50 

145 ERIE CO., N. Y. Centennial History 
of Erie Co., N. Y. Being its annals from the 
earliest recorded events to 1876, by C. John- 
son. 8vo, hlf. mor., pp. 512. Buffalo, 1876. 


146 ESSEX CO. , N. Y. Military and Civil 
History of, an account of the Northern 
Wilderness, and Military Annals of Crown 
Point and Ticonderoga, by W. C. Watson. 
Plates. 8vo, clo. Albany, 1869. $2.50 

147 ESSEX CO., N. Y. Some Account of 
two Visits to the Mountains in Essex Co. , N. 
Y., in 1836-7. With Sketches of the North- 
ern Sources of the Hudson, by W. C. Red- 
field. 8vo, pp. 23. $1 

148 ESSEX, MASS. History of, from 
1634 to 1700, by R. Crowell. Map. 12mo, 
clo. Bost., 1853. $2 

149 FARMINGTON, ME. History of, 
from its first settlement to 1846. With sketches 
of the history of other towns in Franklin Co., 
by Thomas Parker. 2d edition. 8vo, pp. 
120. Farmington, 1875. $1.50 

150 FINLAY (Hugh). Journal kept by 
Hugh Fiulay, Surveyor of the Post Roads on 
the Continent of North America, during his 
Survey of the Post Offices between Falmouth 
and Casco Bay in the Province of Massachu- 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 

setts, and Savannali in Georgia; begun the 
13th' Sep., 1773, and ended 26th June, 1774. 
2 map^'i. 4to, sewed, uncut. Brooklyn, 1867. 
(150 copies only printed.) $3 

151 FISHKILL, N. Y. Discourse on the 
150th Anniversary of the First R. D. Church, 
Flshkill, with a brief historical sketch of the 
associated churches of Hopewell, New Hack- 
ensack, Flshkill Landing, and Glenham, by 
F. M. Kip, D.D. Portrait and view. 8vo, 
clo., pp. 64. K Y., 1866. $1 

152 FLO RIDA. History of St. Augustine, 
Florida, with introductory account of early 
Spanish and French explorations and settle- 
ment, sketches of events, &c., by W. W. Dew- 
hurst. Illustrated. 12mo, clo. N.Y., 1885. $1 

153 Scheeps-Toht van Jean Ponze de 

Leon na Florida 1512, and Reys-Togten van 
Pamphilio de Narvaes, sedaan uit bevel van 
Diego Velazques, 1513. 4: folding plates. 8vo, 
uncut. Leyden, 1706. $5 

154 — - Territory of Florida, or sketches 
of the Topography , Civil and Natural History 
of the Country, Climate and Indian Tribes, 
by J. L. Williams. 31aps and plates. 8vo, clo. 
K Y., 1837. $5 

155 View of West Florida, embracing 

its Geography, Topography, &c. Antiquities, 
Land Titles and Canals. (Lacks map.) 8vo, 
hf. roan, spotted. Phila., 1827. $2 

156 History of Florida from 1512 to 

close of Florida War in 1842, by G. R. Fair- 
banks. 12mo, clo. Phila., 1871. $2 

157 Sketch of the Seminole War, and 

sketches during a campaign. 12mo, bds., un- 
cut. Charleston, 1836. $4 

158 FORT WAYNE, IND. History from 
the earliest known accounts, &c. By W. A. 
Brice. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Fort Wayne, 1868. 

$2 50 

159 FRAMINGHAM, MASS. History of, 
from 1640 to present time; also Notice of Sud- 
bury and first proprietors, and Register, by 
W. Barry. 8vo, uncut. Bost., 1847. |3 50 

160 GARDINER. Pittston and West Gar- 
diner, History of, with sketch of Kennebec 
Indians, and New Plymouth Purchase, 1602- 
1852. With Genealogical Sketches of many 
families. By J. W. Hanson, Plates. 12mo, 
clo. Gardiner, 1852. $2 50 

161 GEORGIA. History of, from its first 
discovery, by W. B. Stevens. Maps and plates. 
2 vols., 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1847. $6 

162 GLENVILLE, N. Y. Memorial of the 
Semi-Centennial of the Second Reformed 
Church of, by F. F. Wilson. 8vo, clo. Scotia, 
1868. $1 50 

163 GRAFTON, MASS. History of, from 
its early settlement by the Indians, 1647 to 
1879, including Genealogies of 79 of the older 
families, by F. C. Pierce. Map, portraits and 
plates. Thick 8vo, clo, Worcester, 1879. $4 

164 GRA.ND RAPIDS, MICH, History of 
the First Reformed Church at. A Discourse 
by P, Moerdyk. With Appendix, 8vo, pp, 
40, Grand Rapids, 1880. 60 cts. 

torv of, by Charles J. Taylor, Map. 12mo, 
clor 1882. $2 50 

166 GREEN CO., WIS. History of, by 
Helen M. Bingham. 12mo, clo. Milwaukee, 
1877. $2 25 

167 GROTON, MASS, Early Records of 
Groton, 1662-1707. Edited by S, A, Green, 
M,D. 8vo, clo,, uncut. Groton, 1880. $2 50 

168 GROTON during the Indian Wars, by 
S, A, Green, M.D, 8vo, clo,, uncut. Groton, 
1883, $2 50 

169 GUATEMALA. Description of the 
Ancient Provinces of Guazacapan, Izalco, 
Cuscatlan and Chiquimula, in the Audiencia 
of Guatemala, with an account of the Lan- 
guages, Customs and Religion of their Abori- 
ginal Inhabitants, and a Description of the 
Ruins of Copan (Dr, Don Diego Garcia de 
Palacio), with Notes, &c,, by E, G, Squier. 
Map. 4to, uncut, Albany, 1860, $5 

of, by Josiah Quincy. Plates. 2 vols., 8vo, 
hf. elf. (stamp on back of title), Cambridge, 
1840, $4 50 

171 HAVERHILL, MASS, History, from 
its first settlement in 1640 to 1860, by G, W. 
Chase, Portraits and plates. 8vo, clo. Bost., 
1861, $4 

172 HERKIMER CO,, N, Y, History of. 
including the Upper Mohawk Valley, by N, 
S, Benton, Map and plates, 8vo, clo, 
Albany, 1856. $5 

173 HERKIMER, N. Y. History of the 
Reformed Church of, from the settlement of 
Herkimer County in 1723, by Rev, H. M, 
Cox. Plates. 8vo, clo, Herkimer, 1886, $2 50 

174 HOLLIS, N. H, History of, with 
sketches of its early settlers, their descendants, 
&c., by S, T. Worcester. Maps, portraits and 
plaUs. 8vo, clo, Bost,, 1879, $3 

175 HOULTON, ME, History of the Town 
from 1804 to 1883 [by Geo, H. Gilman], 8vo, 
pp. 64. Haverhill, 1884. $1 

176 HUDSON'S RIVER. History of the 
Indian tribes of, by E. M. Ruttenber. Por- 
traits. 8vo, clo, Albany, 1872, $3 

177 HUGUENOTS, their Settlements, 
Churches, and Industries in England and 
Ireland, by Samuel Smiles, with appendix 
relating to the Huguenots in America. 12nio, 
clo. N. Y., 1868. ■ $1.50 

on the Hackensack. by Rev. D. D. 

Royal 8vo, pr. N. Brunswick, 

25 cts. 



179 • History of the French Protestant 

Refugees, from the revocation of edict of 
Nantes to our own days, by M. Chas. Weiss. 
Translated by H. W. Herbert, with an Ameri- 
can appendix. 2 vols., 12mo, clo, N, Y., 
1854. . $2.50 

180 History of the Huguenot Emigra- 
tion to America, by C. W. Baird, D.D. Maps 
and plates. 2 vols,, Svo, clo. N. Y., 1885, 

Nash and Pieece, 

181 A Tale of the, or Memoirs of a 

Frencli Refugee Family, from MSS. of J. Fon- 
taine. Introduction by Dr. F. L. Hawks. 
12mo, mco., git. N. Y., 1838. $2 

182 HUNTINGTON CO., PA. History of , 
by M. S. Lytle. Plates. 8vo, clo. Lan- 
caster, 1876. $2 

183 ILLINOIS. Notes of a Journey in 
America, from coast of Virginia to territory 
of Illinois, by Morris Birkbeck, Map; also in 
same vol. his Letters from Illinois. 8vo. bds. , 
uncut. Dublin, 1818. $2 

184 in 1837. A sketch descriptive of 

the country; also of the counties, cities and 
towns, with letters from a rambler in the 
West. Map. 8vo, bds. Phil., 1837. $1.25 

185 History from its commencement 

as a State— in 1818 to 1847. Black Hawk 
War, Mormons, Riots, &c., by Gov. T. Ford. 
12mo, elf. Chicago, 1854. $5 

186 Guide for Emigrants, containing 

Sketches of Illinois, Missouri and adjacent 
parts, by J. M. Peck. Maps. 18mo, clo. 
Boston, 1831. $1.50 

187 Debates and Proceedings of the 

Constitutional Convention of the State, 1870. 
2 vols., folio, hlf. roan. Springfield, 1870. $5 

188 INDIANA. History of Indiana from 
its earliest explorations, by John B. Dillon. 
Maps and illustrations. 8v0, shp. Indian- 
apolis, 1859. $4.50 

189 Geographical survey of Parke 

Countv, byB, C. Hobbs. Large map. 8vo, 
sewed." 1872. 50 cts. 

190 IOWA. Handbook for 1856, by N. H. 
Parker. Map. 12mo, clo. Bost., 1856. 

75 cts 

191 JAMAICA. History of. Climate^ 
scenery, productions, negroes, slave trade, 
customs, manners, &c., by Robert Renny. 
Map. 4to, hlf. elf. Lond., 1807. $2 

192 JUNIATA VALLEY. History of the 
Early Settlement of, Early Pioneers, incur- 
sions, massacres and abductions by the In- 
dians during the French and Indian wars and 
the Revolution, by U. J. Jones. Plates. 8vo, 
clo. Phila., 1856. $4 

193 KANSAS. History of, from the first 
exploration of the Mississippi Valley, with a 
sketch of Louisiana, slavery, &c. Plates. By 
J. N. Halloway. 8vo, clo. Lafayette, 1868. 


194 Report of Special Committee to 

investigate the Troubles in Kansas, with the 
Testimony of a large number of persons. 8vo, 
clo. Over 1,300 pages. Wash., 1856. $1.50 

195 Conquest of, by Missouri and her 

Allies, a history of the troubles in Kansas, 
by W. Phillips. 12mo, clo. Bost., 1856. $1 

196 Gov. Geary's Administration in 

Kansas, with complete history of the Terri- 
tory, by J. H. Gihon. 12mo. Phila., 1857. 

75 cts. 

197 and Nebraska, their history, &c., 

by E. E. Hale. Map. 12mo, clo. Bost.. 
1854. $1 

198 KEENE, N. H. Annals of the Town, 
from its first settlement in 1734 to 1790, with 
corrections, additions and continuation, from 
1790 to 1815, by Selma Hale. Map. 8vo, 
clo. Keene, 1851. Autograph of Author. 

198* KINGSTON, N. Y. Historical 
Sketches. The Old Senate House, 1777, 
City of Kingston, erected by Col. Wessel Ten 
Broeck, 1676, by F. E. Westbrook. 8vo, pp. 
48. Kingston, 1883. 25 cts. 

199 LANCASTER CO., PA. Authentic 
History of, by J. I. Mombert. Map and plates. 
8vo, shp. 1869. $3 

200 LAKE GEORGE and Lake Cham- 
plain, from their first Discovery to 1759. by 
B.C.Butler. Maps, &c. 12mo, clo. N.Y., 
1870. $1 

201 LAKE SUPERIOR. Report on the 
Geology of the Lake Superior Land District, 
Copper and Iron Region, with the general 
Geology, by J. W. Foster and J. D. Whitnej^ 
Maps and plates. 3 vols., 8vo, clo. Wash., 
1851. $4 

202 LEOMINSTER. History of, or the 
Northern Half of the Lancester, new or addi- 
tional Grant, from June, 1701, to July, 1852, 
by David Wilder. 12mo, clo. Fitchburg, 
1853. $1.50 

203 LEWIS CO., N. Y. History of, by F. 
B. Hough. Portraits. 8vo, hlf. roan. Al- 
bany, 1860. $2.50 

204 LONDONDERRY, N. H. History, 
comprising Towns of Derry and Londonderry, 
by E. L. Parker. With Memoir. Map and 8 

12mo, hlf. clo. Bost., 1851. $6 

205 LONG ISLAND. History of South- 
old, L. I., Its first century (1640-1740), by 
Rev. E. Whitaker. Illustrated. 12mo, clo. 
Southold, 1881. $2.50 

206 Antiquities of the Parish Church, 

Jamaica, including Newtown and Flushing, 
illustrated from letters and other authentic 
documents, with a continuation of the history 
of Grace Church, by H. Onderdonk, Jr. 10 
portraits and 5 views. 8vo, clo. Jamaica, 
1880. $1.50 

207 Documents and Plans submitted 

by the Water Committee to the Common 
Council of the City of Brooklyn for 1854 
(Brooklyn City Water Works). 27 plates. 
4to, hf. mor. Brooklyn, 1854. $4 

208 History of, from its first settle- 
ment to 1845, by N. S. Prime. Map. 12mo, 
clo. N. Y., 1845. $2.50 

209 First, Second and Third Books of 

Records of the Town of Southampton, with 
other Ancient Documents of Historic Value. 
3vols., 8vo. Sag Harbor, 187^78. $12 

210 A Sketch of the First Settlement 

of the Several Towns on Long Island, with 
their political condition, &c., by Silas Wood. 
8vo, pp. 66, sewed, uncut. Brooklyn, 1824. 

Fine copy of the first edition. 

211 Sketch of First Settlement of the 

Several Towns on Long Island; with their 

80 Kassau Street, Kew Yoek. 

Political Condition, to end of Am. Eevolu- 
tion, by Silas Wood. New edition. 26 plates 
laid in. 8vo, sheets. Broolilyn, N. Y., 1828. 

212 Do. New edition, with Memoir 

and Additions by A. J. Spoooer. Portrait 
and plates. 4to, sewed, uncut. Brooklyn, 
1865. $4 

213 History of Town of Bushwick, by 

H. R. Stiles; and of Town, Village and City 
of vV^illiamsburgh, by J. M. Stearns. 4 illus- 
trations. 4to, pp. 37. Brooklyn, 1884. |2 

214 History of the Progress of the 

Drama, Music and the Fine Arts in the City 
of Brooklyn, by Gabriel Harrison. Illus- 
trated. 4to, pp. 61. Brooklyn, 1884. $3 

215 History of the Town of New Lots, 

by W, C. Hamilton. 10 illustrations. 4to, 


Brooklyn, 1884. 


216 History of Town of Gravesend, 

by A. P. Stocliwell; and of Coney Island, by 
W. H. Stillwell. 33 illustrations, 2 steel por- 
traits. 4to, pp. 57. Brooklyn, 1884. $2 

217 History of Town of Flatlands, 

Kings Co., by Rev. Anson Dubois, ^illus- 
trations. 4to, pp. 20. Brooklyn, 1884. $1 

218 History of the Town of Flatbush, 

N. Y. , by Rev. R. G. Strong. 18 illustrations. 
4to, pp. 42. Brooklyn, 1884. $2 

219 Town of Southold, Long Island, 

Personal Index prior to 1698, and Index of 
1698, by C. B. Moore. 8vo, hlf. mco. N.Y., 
1868. |5 

220 Early History of Southampton, 

L. I., N. Y., with Genealogies, by G. R. 
Howell. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1866. $4 

221 Address at Glen Cove, L. I., on 

the Second Centennial Anniversary of the 
settlement, by H. J . Scudder, May 25, 1868. 
12mo, clo. Glen Cove, 1868. $2 

222 History of the First Reformed 

Dutch Church, Jamaica, L. I., 1702-1884, by 
Henry Onderdonk, Jr., with Appendix, by 
Rev. W. H. DeHart. 8vo, clo. Jamaica, 
1884. $2 

223 Jan : a Tale of the Early History 

of Brooklyn, by A. L. O. B. 12mo, clo. 
Brooklyn, 1883. |1 

224 Antiquities of, by Gabriel Fur- 
man, with a Bibliography, by H. Onderdonk ; 
also reprint of his Notes relating to Brooklyn, 
1824. Edited by Frank Moore. 12mo, clo., 
uncut. N. Y., 1875. $3 

225 Old Sands Street Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, of Brooklyn, N. Y. An illus- 
trated centennial record, historical and bio- 
graphical, by Rev. Edwin Warrincr. Intro- 
duction by Rev. Albert S. Hunt, D.D. Por- 
traits and facsimiles. 8vo, clo., pp. 541. N. 
Y., 1885. $3 

226 Historic and Antiquarian Scenes 

in Brooklyn and its Vicinity, with Illustra- 
tions of some of its Antiquities, by T, W. 
Field. Map and plates. Royal 8vo, clo., un- 
cut. Brooklyn, 1868. $5 

227 St. Ann's Church, from 1784 to 

1847, with Memorial of the Sunday Schools, 

and Appendix of brief notice of other Epis- 
copal Churches in Brooklyn [by F. G. Fish]. 
Plate. 12mo, cl. Brooklyn, 1845. $4 

228 Capt. John Young, High Sheriffs 

of Yorkeshire on Long Island, his account of 
Ye Country Rates for Ye Yeare 1680. (From 
the original in the office of the Clerk of Court 
of Appeals, Albany.) 4to, pp. 4. n. d. 25 cts. 

229 History of Queens County, New 

York, with illustrations, portraits, and sketches 
of prominent families and individuals. 4to, 
mor. back. N. Y., 1882. $8 

230 Documents relating to the History 

of the Early Colonial Settlements principally 
on Long Island, 1630-1684, with a map of its 
w^estern part, made in 1666. Translated, com- 
piled and edited byB. Fernow. 4to, clo., pp. 
XXXIII., 880. Albany, 1883. $3.50 

231 Griffin's Journal. First Settlers of 

Southold. Names of the heads of those fam- 
ilies, being only thirteen at the time of their 
landing. First Proprietors of Orient, Bio- 
graphical Sketches, &c., by Augustus Griffin. 
Portrait. 12mo, clo. Orient, L. I., 1857. $5 

232 Brooklyn Compendium, compiled 

by the late John Dikeman, Jr. , showing the 
opening, closing and alterations in the lines of 
the various streets, avenues, &c., with other 
information, from 1819 to date of compilation, 
grants of land under water, ferry rights, &c. ; 
contains also Manual of the Common Council 
for 1870, which was not published separate. 
8vo, clo. Brooklyn, 1870. $3.50 

233 Social History of Flatbush, Man- 
ners and Customs of the Dutch Settlers in 
Kings County, by G. L. Vanderbilt. Map. 
12mo, clo. N. Y., 1881. $1.75 

234 Description of New York in 1670, 

relation of the Customs of the Indians, by D. 
Denton. New edition, with Historical Notes 
by Gabriel Furman, of Brooklyn, relating to 
Long Island, Indian names, Hell-Gate, Old 
Brooklyn, Ronconcoma Lake, Hempstead 
Plains, &c. 8vo, folded. N. Y., 1845. $1 

235 History of Long Island, by B. F. 

Thompson. 8vo. clo. N. Y., 1839. $3.50 

236 History of the City of Brooklyn, 

old Town and Village of Brooklyn, and Vil- 
lage and City of Williamsburgh, &c., by H. 
R. Stiles. Maps, portraits and plates. (A very 
full and carefully written history.) 3 vols, 
large 8vo, clo. Brooklyn, 1867-70. $8 

237 Historical and descriptive sketch 

of the towns, villages, &c. , of Suffolk County, 
descriptions of Long Island, and an outline of 
its history, from the first settlement, by R. M. 
Bayles. 12mo, clo. 1874. $2.50 

238 Sea- Spray: a Long Island Village. 

By Martha Wick ham. 12mo, clo. N. Y.,18o7. 


239 Memorial of the late David S. 

Jones. With Appendix, containing notices of 
the Jones Family, of Queens County. 12mo, 
clo. N. Y., 1849. ' $1.50 

240 Faithful Narrative of the remarka- 
ble revival of Religion at Easthampton, on 


Kash and Pierce, 

Long Island, 1764. By Samuel Buell, D.D. 
Also Sketches of his Life. Fine poi^trait. 
12mo, bds. Sag Harbor, 1808. $6 

241 Queens County in Olden Times: 

being a Supplement to the several Histories 
thereof, by Henry Onderdonk, Jr. 4to, hlf . 
mor. Jamaica, 1865. $5 

242 Thirty-third Anniversary of Strong 

Place Baptist Church, Brooklyn. Portrait 
andiilate. Square 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1882. 

50 cts 

243 History of the Wesley M. e! 

Church of Brooklyn, L. I., by G. E. Currie, 
with laws, &c. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1876. $1 

244 Kotes, GeosTaphical and Histori- 
cal, i-elating to the Town of Biooklyn, in 
Kmgs County, on Long Island, by Gabriel 
Furman. 12mo, sewed, uncut. Original edi- 
tion. Brooklyn, 1824. $10 

245 LOUISIANA. Historical Collections, 
with Historical and Biographical Notes by B. 
F. French. Part 2. 8vo, folded, uncut. 
Phil., 1850. $1 

Contains Discourse on Life, Writings, &c., of Hon. 
Francis X. Martin, Analytical Index of all the public 
documents in Paris relating to the discovery and 
early settlement of Louisiana; Translation of an 
original letter of DeSoto on the Conquest of Florida, 
also a MSS. jourral of his expedition into Florida, by 
De Biedma; Narrative of the Expedition of DeSoto 
into Florida by a gentleman of Elvas, translated by 
Richard Hackluyt, in 1609; Description of the English 
province of Carolina, by the Spaniards called Florida 
and French la Louisiana, as also of Mississippi River, 
vs^ith account of the commodities, &c., by D. Coxe; 
Translation of Marquette and Joliet's accoimt of a 
voyage to discover the Mississippi River, in 1673. 

245* Hivtory of, by M. Dumont. Me- 
moir of the present State of Louisiana, by C. 
de Champegny. Appendix of historical doc- 
uments and elucidations. (Vol. 5 French's 
Hist'l Memoirs.) Portrait . 8vo, clo. N. Y., 
1858. $1 

246 Exploration of the Red River of 

Louisiana in 1852, by R. B. Marcy and G. B. 
McClellan, with Reports on the Natural His- 
tory of the Country. 66 plates of geology, 
shells, reptiles, botany, scenery, &c., with vol. of 
maps. 2 vols., 8vo, clo. 1854. $2 

247 Historical Epitome of the State, 

with an historical notice of New Orleans. 
Plates. 12mo, bds. New Orleans, 1840. $2 

248 History of the Spanish Domina- 
tion, by C. Gayarre. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1854. 


249 LOWELL, MASS., As it Was and as 
it Is, by H. A. Miles. Map. 16mo, clo. 
Lowell, 1845. 75 cts. 

250 Illustrated History of. Revised 

edition, by C. Cowley. Maps and plates. 
12mo, clo. Bost., 1868. $1.25 

251 LOWELL. Semi-Centennial Anniver- 
sary of the South Congregational Society 
(Unitarian) in Lowell. Sept. 26, 1879. 8vo, 
clo. Lowell, 1880. 75 cts. 

252 LYNN, MASS. History, including 
Nahant, by A. Lewis. 2d edition. Plates. 
8vo, cloth. Bost.. 1844. $3 

253 MADISON, WIS. History of, includ- 
ing the Four Lake Country, to July, 1874, | 

with Notes on Bane Co. and its Towns, 
by D. S. Durrie. With photographic mews. 
8vo, clo. Madison, 1874. $3.50 

254 MADISON, Dane County and sur- 
rounding Towns, Wis. History of. Illus- 
trated. 12mo, clo. Madison, 1877. $2 

255 MAINE. A Survey of the State of 
Maine, in reference to its Geographical Fea- 
tures, &c., by Moses Greenleaf. 8vo, hlf. shp. 
Portland, 1829. $2.50 

256 Statistical View of the District of 

Maine, by Moses Greenleaf. 8vo, bds , uncut. 
Bost., 1816. $1.50 

257 Journals of Rev. Thomas Smith, 

and Rev. Sam. Deane, with notes and a 
summary History of Portland, by W. Willis. 
Portraits. 8vo, clo. Portland, 1849. $2.50 

258 Historical Society Collections. 

Vol. 8. Portrait. 8vo, clo. Portland, 1881. 

Contents: North Eastern Boundary by Hon. J. 
Washburn, Col. Noble, his military services at Cape 
Breton and Nova Scotia, by Hon. W. Goold; Pema- 
quid Country under the Stuarts; Fort Halifax, Col. 
Wm. Vaughan; Norambega; Memoirs and Bio- 
graphical Sketches. 

259 MANCHESTER, N. H. History of, 
formerly Derry field, including ancient Amos- 
keag, &c., by C. E. Potter. Portraits and 
plates. 8vo, clo., pp. 844. Manchester, 1856. 


260 MARYLAND. History of, from 1684 
to 1848, by James McSherry, 12mo, clo. 
Bait. 1852. $1.25 

261 Laws of, made and passed at a 

Session of Assembly at Annapolis 2d April, 
1792. pp. 7., folio. Annapolis, 1792. $1 

torical Collections relatinsr to the Colonial 
Church. Edited by Wm.^S. Perry. Vol. 4, 
Maryland. Vol. 5, Delaware. 2 in 1. 4to, 
sewed, uncut. Printed for subscribers, 1878. 


268 MARYLAND. History of, with copious 

introduction and notes, by J. L. Bozman. 

2vols., 8vo, shp. Bait., 1887. $8.50 

264 The Founders of, as portrayed in 

MSS., provincial records and documents, by 
E. D. Neill. 8vo, clo. Albany, 1876. $1.50 

265 Sketch of the History of Mary- 
land during three years after the settlement, 
by J. L. Bozman. Portrait. 8vo, shp. 
Bait., 1811. $2.50 

266 Jubilee at Mt. St. Mary's, Oct. 6, 

1858. Addresses and Discourses on Bp. 
Brute and Bp. Dubois. &c. 12mo, clo. 
N. Y., 1859. $1 

of the Governor and Company of, 1628-1686. 
Printed by order of the Legislature. Edited 
by N. B. Shurtleff, M.D. 6 vols., 4to, clo. 
Bost., 1853-54. $18 

268 MASS. History of Western Massachu- 
setts. Counties of Hampden, Hampshire, 
Franklin and Berkshire, &c., by J. G. Hol- 
land. Map. 2 vols., 12mo, clo. Springfield, 
1855. $5 

80 Kassau Stkeet, Kew York. 


269 History from July, 1775 to 1789 

inclusive, by Alden Bradford. 8vo, slip. 
Bost., 1825. $2 

270 History of Massachusetts for 200 

Years, from 1620 to 1820, by A. Bradford. 
8vo, clo. Bost., 1835. $2.50 

271 History of, Colonial, Provincial 

and Commonwealth Periods, by J. S. Barry. 
3 vols., 8vo. Bost., 1855-57. |5 

272 History of the Federal Govern- 
ment from 1789 to 1839, by A. Bradford. 
Svo clo. Bost., 1840. $2.50 

273 History of Massachusetts, from 

the First Settlement in 1628 until the year 
1750, 3d edition, v^rith additional notes and 
corrections, 2 vols., shp, Boston, 1795; also 
— History of the Province of Massachusetts 
Bay, from 1749 to 1774, by T. Hutchinson, 
Halfmco. Lond., 1828- 3vols.,8vo. Good 
copy. Bost., 1795, Lond.. 1828. $15 

The above 3 vols, form a complete set of Hutchin- 
son's Massachusetts. 

274 Historical Collections, by J. W. 

Barber. Illustrated. 8vo, shp. Worcester, 
1839. $3.50 

275 Hitchcock (E .) Final Report on 

the Geology of Massachusetts , In four parts. 
Economical, Scenographical, Scientific and 
Elementary Geoh gy, with an appended cata- 
logue of the specimens of Rocks and Minerals 
in the State Collection, Map and 54 plates. 
4to, clo., uncut, Amherst, 1841, $8 

276 Ichnology of New England. A 

Report on the Sandstone of the Connecticut 
Valley, especially its Fossil Footmarks, With 
the Supplement. 80 plates. 2 vols. , 4to, clo. 
Bost., 1858-65. $8 

277 MEDHSTA CO., O. Pioneer History 
of, by N. B, Northrop. 12mo, clo, Medina, 
1861. $2 

278 MENDON. Centennial History of the 
Mendon Association, by Rev. M. Blake. 
12mo, clo. Boston, 1853. $1 

279 METHUEN, MASS. Historical Sketch 
from its Settlement to 1876, by Jos. S. Howe. 
8vo, pp. 48. Methuen, 1876, $1 

280 MEXICO. Mexican Illustrations, 
founded upon facts, indicative of the present 
condition of society, manners, religion, and 
morals, among the Spanish and native inhabi- 
tants of Mexico. Observations on the govern- 
ment, antiquities, working the mines, &c,, by 
Mark Beaufoy, 6 plates. 8vo, bds., uncut, 
Lond,, 1828, $3.50 

281 A collection of 91 Plates of Mexi- 
can Antiquities. In folio size. $7 

282 Santa Fe: Prehistoric and Modern, 

by W. G. Pitch, Illustrated. 8vo, pr. To- 
peka, 1885. 50 cts. 

283 History, Resources and Attrac- 
tions of New Mexico, by W. G. Pitch. Maps 
and 75 characteristic illustrations. 8vo, clo. 
Boston, 1885. $1.25 

The author, Hon. Wm. G. Ritch, who for twelve 
years served the territory in various ways, has suc- 
ceeded in making a book, which will be, not only of 
interest, but of positive necessity, to the numerous 
excursion parties who are now turning their attention 
to the great Southwest. Legend of Montezuma, &c. 

284 Report of Col. Graham on the 

Boundary Line between the U, S. and Mexico. 
Maps. 8vo, clo. Wash., 1852. $1.25 

285 By H. G. Ward. 2d edition en- 
larged. With account of the Mining Com- 
panies and Political Events. Plates. 2 vols., 
8vo, cl. Lond., 1829. Fine copy. $25 

286 History of, from the Spanish Con- 
quest to present sera. Manners, Customs, 
Mines, &c., by N. Mill. 8vo, bds., uncut. 
Lond,, 1824. $2.50 

287 History of the Conquest of, with 

a view of the Ancient Mexican Civilization 
and Life of Cortes, by W. H. Prescott. 3 
vols., 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1846. $4.50 

288 Personal Narrative of Explora- 
tions and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, 
California, Sonora, and Chihuahua, by John 
R. Bartlett. Map and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, 
half calf. N. Y., 1854. $8 

289 Another copy. In cloth. $6 

290 Recollections of, by Waddy 

Thompson, Svo, clo. N. Y,, 1846. $1,25 

291 Republic of Mexico in 1876, A 

Political and Ethnographical Division of the 
population, character, habits, costumes and 
vocations of its inhabitants written in Spanish 
by Antonio Garcia Cubas. Translated by G. 
F, Henderson. Map and colored plates of In- 
dian and Mexican costumes. 8vo, sewed, un- 
cut. Mexico, 1876. $1.50 

292 Travels over the table-lands and 

Cordilleras of Mexico, during 1843-4, by A. 
M. Gilliam. Maps, plates. 8vo, clo. Phil., 
1846. $2.25 

293 Travels in the Interior of Mexico, 

in 1825, '6, '7 and '8, by Lieut. R. W, H. 
Hai'dy, R. N, Map and plates. 8vo, half 
calf, Lond., 1829. $3 

294 Notes 'on Mexico made in 1822, 

with Historical Sketch of the Revolution, 
translations of official reports on present state 
of that country, by J. R, Poinsett. Map. 
(With some MSS. notes). Svo, half calf. 
Lond., 1825. $2 

295 Campaign Sketches of the War 

with Mexico, by Capt. W. S. Henry. Plans 
and engravings. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1847. $2 

296 Sketches of Travels in South 

America, Mexico and California, by L, M. 
Schaeffer. 12mo. clo. N. Y., 1860. 75 cts. 

297 Expedition of Don Diego Diou- 

lesio de Penalosa, Governor of New Mexico, 
from Santa Fe to the River Mischipi and 
Quivira in 1662, as described by Father Nich- 
olas de Freytas, O. S. F., by J. G. Shea. Svo, 
sewed, uncut. N. Y., 1882. $2 

298 History of the Conquest of Mexi- 
co by the Spaniards, translated from the 
Spanish of Don Antonio De Soils, by T. 
Townsend. Maps and plates. 2 vols., Svo. 
full calf, gilt backs, fine clean copy. Lond., 
1738. $6 

299 MICHIGAN. Early History from its 
First Settlement to 1815, by E. M. Sheldon. 
Portraits. Svo, clo. N. Y., n. d. $2.50 


Nash and Pierce, 

300 MIDDLESEX CO., MASS. History, 
containing carefully prepared Histories of 
every City and Town in the County, by well- 
known writers, and a General History of the 
County from the Earliest to Present Time, by 
S. A. Drake. Ma^j, portraits and other illus- 
trations. 2 vols., 4to, half calf. Boston, 
1880. $9 

801 MIDDLEBURY, VT. History of the 
Town, with a Statistical and Historical ac- 
count of the County, by S. Swift. Portraits. 
8vo, clo. Middlebury, 1859. $3 

and Present of, a collection of Historical and 
Descriptive Sketches of that part of Hamilton 
Co., Ohio, by H. B. Teetor. Plate. 12mo, 
clo. Cin., 1882. $2 

303 MILLET (Rev. Joshua.) History of the 
Baptists in Maine, with notices of Societies 
and Institutions, etc. 12mo, clo. Portland, 
1845. $1 50 

304 MINNESOTA and its Resources, with 
Camp-fire Sketches or Notes of a trip from St. 
Paul to Pembina and Selkirk Settlement on 
the Red River of the North, by J. W. Bond. 
Map. 12mo, clo. Chicago, 1856. $1 

305 MINNESOTA. History of, from the 
Earliest French Explorations to Present Time, 
by E. D. Neill. 47 maps and plates. 4to, clo. 
Phila., 1858. $10 

Large pajoer copy of which only 100 were printed. 
No. 69 signed by E. D. Neill. 

306 Sketches of, the New England of 

the West. With Incidents of Travel, by E. 
S. Seymour. Map. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1850. 

75 cts. 

307 MISSISCO YALLEY, YT. History of 
the, by Samuel Sumner, with an Introductory 
Notice of Orleans County, by Rev, S. R. Hall. 
8vo, pr. pp. 76. Irasburgh, 1860. $2 

308 MISSISSIPPI. Relation de la Mission 
du Mississippi du Seminaire de Quebec, 1700, 
by M. de Montigny. 8vo, uncut. (Shea's 
Relations.) N. Y., 1861. $3 

309 Recollections of the Last Ten 

Years in the Yalley of the Mississippi from 
Pittsburgh and Missouri to Gulf of Mexico, 
and from Florida to Spanish Frontier, by Tim- 
othy Flint. 8vo, bds., uncut. Boston, 1826. 


310 Early Yoyages up and down the 

Mississippi, by Cavelier, St. Cosme. La Sueur, 
Gravier, and Guignas. With Introduction, 
Notes and Index. Sm. 4to, sewed, uncut. 
Albany, 1861. $7 

311 ' Preliminary Report on the Geol- 
ogy and Agriculture of the State of, by L. 
Harper. Map and plates. 8vo. clo. Jackson, 
1857. $5 

312 and Ohio Rivers. Inundations of 

the Delta of the, with Plans, &c., by C. 
Ellet, Jr. Royal 8vo, clo. Phil., 1853. $3 

313 MISSOURI as it is in 1867, Geo- 
graphy, History, Resources, &c. An Illus- 
trated Historical Gazetteer, byN. H. Parker. 
Svo, clo. Phil., 1867. $2 50 

314 Reports on the Geological Survey 

of the State of, 1855-1871, by Broadhead, 
Meek and Shumard. Maps and plates. Royal 
8vo, clo. 1873. $3 

315 MONTPELIER, YT. History of the 
Town from 1781 to 1860, by I). P. Thompson. 
Portrait. 8vo. clo. Montpelier, 1860. $1 50 

316 MULLEN (Cap. John.) Report on the 
Construction of a Military Road from Fort 
Walla-Walla on the Columbia River to Fort 
Benton on the Missouri. Maps and tinted 
plates. 8vo, hlf. mco. Wash., 1863. $2 50 

317 NANTUCKET. Papers relating to 
the Island of, with Documents relating to the 
original settlement of that Island, Martha's 
Yineyard, and other Islands adjacent, known 
as Duke's Countj^, while under the colony of 
New York. From official records, by F. B. 
Hough. Rubricated title. Map. Small 4to, 
hlf. mco. Albany, 1856. $4 

318 History of, first Settlement of the 

Island by the English, &c., by Obed. Macy, 
with a concise statement of prominent events 
from 1835 to 1880, by W. C. Macy. 2d ed. 
12mo, clo. Mansfield, 1880. $1 50 

319 NATICK, MASS. History from first 
settlement in 1651 to present time, with notices 
of the first white families, &c., by Oliver N. 
Bacon. Portraits, plates. 8vo, clo. Boston, 
1856. (Cover slightly damaged.) $2 50 

320 NEBRASKA, its Advantages, Re- 
sources and Drawbacks, by E. A. Curley. 
Maps and plates. 8vo, clo. Lond., 1875. $2 

321 NEW BEDFORD, MASS. History of, 
by Daniel Ricketson. 12mo, clo. 1858. $2 50 

322 NEWBURYPORT, MASS. Sketch of 
History of Newbury, Newburyport and West 
Newbury, by J. Coffin. Svo, sheets uncut. 
Boston, 1845. $3 

323 History, from the Earliest Settle- 
ment, with a Biographical Appendix by Mrs. 
E. B. Smith. 2 portraits and plate. 8vo, clo. 
Newburyport, 1854. |3 

324 NEW ENGLAND Primer improved. 
Adorned with cuts. With Episcopal and As- 
sembly of Divines' Catechisms. 24mo. N. Y., 
1829. 25 cts. 

325 Memorial, or a brief relation of 

the most memorable and remarkable passages 
of the providence of God, manifested to the 
Planters of New England, in America: with 
special reference to New Plymouth, &c., by 
N. Morton. 12mo, shp. Plymouth, 1826. $2 50 

326 Travels in New England and 

New York, by Timothy D wight. Maps. 
4 vols., 8vo, bds., uncut. Fine copy. N. H., 
1821. $8 

327 Early History of, being a relation 

of hostile passages between the Indians and 
European Yoyagers and First Settlers, and a • 
full narrative of hostilities, to close of war 
with Pequots in 1637, and origin of war with 
King Philip, by Increase Mather, with Intro- 
duction and Notes by S. G. Drake. Square 
8vo, clo., uncut. Boston, 1864. $3.50 

80 Kassatt Street, Kew York. 


328 History, from discovery of Con- 
tinent by the Northmen, 986, to 1776, by C. 
W. Elliott. 2 portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, clo. 
K Y., 1857. $6 

329 NEWFOUNDLAND, its History, 
Present Condition, and its Prospects, by J, 
Hatton and Rev. M. Harvey. Map and 
plates. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1883. $1.75 

330 NEW HAMPSHIRE. History, from 
its discovery in 1614 to 1819, by Geo. Bar- 
stow. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Concord, 1842. |3 

331 as it it, in three parts, Historical, 

&c., by E. A. Charlton. Portraits and plates. 
8vo, slip. Claremont, 1856. $2 

332 History from its first discovery to 

1830. With dissertations, &c., and the influ- 
ence of leading families and distinguished 
men to 1874, by E. D. Sanborn. Roy. 8vo, 
clo. Manchester. 1875. $2.50 

333 and Vermont, gathered from the 

early history of, Adventures of our Fore- 
fathers, incidents of olden time, &c., edited 
by F. Chase. Illustrated. 12mo, clo. Clare- 
mont, 1856. 75 cts. 

334 History of the First N. H. Regi- 
ment in the War of the Revoluiion, by F. 
Kidder. 8vo, clo., uncut. Albany, 1868. $1 

335 Churches. Also interesting inci- 
dents of the first settlement of Towns, by R. 
F. Lawrence. 8vo, clo. Claremont, 1856. $3 

336 NEW JERSEY. Annals of the classes 
of Bergen, and civil history of the ancient 
township of Bergen, N. J., by B. C. Tavlor. 
Plates. 12mo, clo. 1857. $1 

337 History of the Reformed Church 

at Peapack, Biographical Sketches, by H. P. 
Thompson. 8vo. 1881. 60 cts. 

338 Historical Discourse of First R. 

D. Church, New Brunswick, by R. H. Steele, 
1717-1867, list of officers and members. 2 
views. 8vo, clo. 1867. |1.50 

339 Historical Collections of the State 

of New Jersey, relating to History and An- 
tiquities. 120 engramngs by J. W. Barber and 
H. Howe. Map. 8vo, shp. N. Y., 1844. $4 

340 History of City of Trenton, from 

1676, by J. 0. Raum. Map and plates. 8vo, 
clo. Trenton, 1871. $2 

341 Good Order established in Penn- 
sylvania and New Jersey, in America, being 
a true account of the country in 1685, by 
Thomas Budd. New edition, .with Introduc- 
tion anii Historical Notes, by Edward Arm- 
strong. 8vo. folded, uncut. N. Y.,1865. |1 

342 Civil and Political History of 

New Jersey, by I. S. Mulford, 8vo, clo. 
Camden, 1848. $3 

343 Battle of Trenton, by H. K. How. 

Svo, pp. 15. N. B., 1856. 50 cts. 

344 Map of Elizabeth Town at the 

time of the Revolution, 1775-1783, showing 
that part of the Free Borough and Town, by 

E. L. Meyer, C. E. Colored. Mounted on 
linen in 4to cover. Elizabeth, 1879. $4 

345 Historical Discourses relating to 

the First Presbyterian Church in Newark, by 
J. F. Stearns. Portraits and plates. 8vo, 
half roan. Newark, 1853. $2.25 

346 Another copy. Half mco., gilt 

top, uncut. Fine copy. $5 

347 Contributions to Early History of 

Perth Amboy and adjoining country, with 
sketches of men and events in N. J. during 
the Provincial Era, by W. A. Whitehead. 
Maps and portraits. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1856. 


348 History of Sussex and Warren 

Counties, N. J., with Illustrations and Bio- 
graphical Sketches of prominent men and 
Pioneers, by J* P. Snell and others. Map 
and many portraits. 4to, half mco. Phil., 
1881. $6 

349 History of Essex and Hudson 

Counties, compiled by W. H. Shaw. Map 
and large number of -fine steel portraits. 2 
vols., 4to, half mco. Phil. 1884. $8 

350 History of the Reformed Church 

of Readington, N. J., 1719-1881, by Rev. H. 
P. Thompson. 8vo, clo. $1.25 

351 History of New Jersey, from its 

Earliest Settlement to Present Time, &c., by 
J. O. Raum. 2 vols., 8vo, clo., gilt. Phil., 
1877. $4 

352 Historical Discourse of the R. D. 

Church of Millstone, by E. T. Cor win, with 
list of Officers ahd Members. Map. Svo, 
clo. N. Y., 1866. $2 

353 History of the First Presbyterian 

Church, Orange, N. J. , by J. Hoyt. Plates. 
12mo, clo. N. Y, 1860. $1.50 

354 Gazetteer of the State, also His- 

torv from its discovery by Europeans, by T. 
F. Gordon. Map. 8vo, shp. Trenton, 1834. 


355- Episcopal Church in Am. Colonies. 

History of St. John's Church, Elizabeth Town, 
N. J., from 1703, by S. A. Clark. 12mo, clo. 
Phil., 1857. $1.25 

356 Historical Discourse of the First 

Reformed Church at Hackensack, N. J. , by 
T. B. Romeyn. Plate. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1870. 


357 History of Elizabeth, N. J., and 

early history of Union County, by Rev. E. F. 
Hatfield. Plates. Svo, clo. N. Y., 1868. $3 

358 Geology of the County of Cape 

May, by G. H. Cook, plates; with Sketch of 
the Early History of the County of Cape May, 
by Maurice Beesley, M.D., colored map. Svo, 
clo. Trenton, 1857. $4.50 

359 Notes historical and biographical 

concerning Elizabeth-Town, by Nicholas Mur- 
ray. 12mo, hlf. roan. Elizabethtown, 1844. 


360 East Jersey under the Proprietary 

Governments, by W. A. Whitehead, with Ap- 
pendix containing the model of the Govern- 
ment of East N. J., in America, by George 
Scot. Maps. Svo, clo. 1846. $2.50 


Nash a?^d Pierce, 

361 History of the Church in Burlinc;- 

ton, N. J., comprising facts and incidents of 
nearly 200 years, by Rev. G. M. Hills. 8vo, 
clo. Trenton, 1876. $4 

363 Minutes of the Provincial Con- 
gress and the Council of Safety of New Jersey, 
1775-6. 8vo, clo. Trenton, 1879. $2 

363 and the Rebellion, a history of the 

services of the troops and people, by J. Y. 
Foster. (Contains accounts of Brigades and 
Regiments.) Portrait. 8vo, shp. 880 pp. 
Newark, 1868. $2.50 

364 Memorial of Centennial Celebra- 
tion of Battle of Paulus Hook, 1879, with His- 
tory and early settlement and present condition 
of Jersey City, N. J. Edited by G. H. Far- 
rier. Illustrated. 8vo, clo. Jersey City, 1879. 


365 The New Jersey Magazine, North- 
ern Monthly. Edited by Allen Lee Bassett. 
Portrait a7id plates. 2 vols, 8vo, clo. Newark, 
1867-8. $3 

366 A North Jersey Jaunt. 16mo, clo. 

n. p., n. d. ' 75 cts. 

367 Historical and Geographical Ac- 
count of the Province and County of Penn- 
sylvania and of West New Jersey in America, 
by Gabriel Thomas. Lond., 1698. 12mo, 
folded, uncut. Map. N. Y., 1848. $1 

A facsimile reprint of this rare hook. 

368 Selections from the Correspond- 
ence of the Executive of New Jersey from 
1776 to 1786. 8vo, clo. Newark, 1848. $2 

369 Historical Survey of the First 

Presbyterian Church, Caldwell, N. J., by Rev. 
C. T. Berry. 8vo, pp. 64. Newark, 1871. 


370 — — The Huguenots on the Hacken- 
sack, by Rev. D. D. Demarest. Royal 8vo, 
pr. N. B., 1886. 35 cts. 

371 History of Newark, N. J., being 

a Narrative of its Rise and Progress, 1666 to 
1878, by J. Atkiason. Plates. Royal 8vo, clo. 
Newark, 1878. $3 

372 Constitution and Government of 

the Province and State of New Jersey, with 
Biographical Sketches of Governors, 1776- 
1845, and Reminiscences of the Bench and 
Bar, by L. Q. C. Elmer. 8vo, clo. Newark, 
1872. $1.25 

373 Bi-Centennial Celebration of the 

Board of American Proprietors of East New 
Jersey. Historical Address by Hon. C. Par- 
ker. Statements, loith exhibition of maps of 
location and boundayries of E. N. J., by Prof. 
G. H. Cook. Influence of the Proprietors in 
founding the State, by Prof. A. Scott. 8vo. 
Newark, 1885. $1.25 

374 History of the Colony of Nova- 

Caesaria, or New Jersey, account of its first 
settlement to 1721, with some particulars 
since, and a short view of its present ^tate 
(with a sketch of the author and a map of 
1777,) by Samuel Smith. 8vo, clo. Burling- 
ton, 1765. Trenton, 1877. $3.50 

375 Bi-Centennial Celebration of the 

N. J. Legislature, 1683-1883, Names and 

Notices of First Settlers of Monmouth County, 
N. J. 8vo, pp. 55. Trenton, 1883. 50 cts. 

376 NEW ORLEANS. Report of Select 
Committee on the New Orleans Riots in 1866, 
containing the testimony of 191 persons. 8vo, 
clo., pp. 596. $1 

377 NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y. A Guide 
to, and its vicinity. 18mo, clo. N. Y., 1842. 

50 cts. 

378 NEW YORK. History of State of 
New York. First Period, 1609-1664. By J. 
R. Brodhead. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1853. $2 

379 Report of the Adjutant General 

of New York, 1868. 3 vols, 8vo, clo. Albany, 
1868. $3 

Two vols, are entirely taken up with a register of 
officers commissioned in volunteer regiments from 
the State from 1861 to 1865. 

380 Gazetteer of the State of New York, 

embracing a comprehensive view of the Geog- 
raphy, Geology and General History of the 
State, a complete history and description of 
every town, city, village and locality, with 
full tables of statistics, by J. H. French. 
Illustrated by steel engravings and map. Royal 
8vo. hlf. mor. Syracuse, 1860. $2.50 

381 Historical Collections of State of 

New York. Illustrated by J. W. Barber, H. 
Howe. 8vo, shp. N. Y., 1841. $4 

382 Another. New edition. 8vo, clo. 

N. Y., 1851. $5 

383 Constitutional Convention of 

1867-8. Constitutions, 1; Statistics, 1; Pro- 
ceedings and Debates, 5; Documents of the 
Convention, 5, and Journal, 1. 13 vols., 8vo, 
law shp. Albany, 1867-8. $10 

384 Geological History of Manhattan, or 

New York Island, with map and a suite of 
sections, tables and columns for the study of 
Geology, by I. Cozzens, Jr. Map and 9 col- 
ored plates. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1843. $2.50 

385 Yoyage of George Clarke (Lieut. - 

Gov. of N. Y. from 1736 to 1743) to America, 
with Introduction and Notes, by E. B. O'Cal 
laghan. With Genealogy of the Clarke Fam- 
ily. Plate. 4to, bds., uncut, 1. p. 100 printed. 
Albany, 1867. $4 

386 Earliest Churches of New York 

and its Yicinity, by G. P. Disosway. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1865. $2.50 

387 Harlem Commons. Conveyances 

on record in the Register's Ofiice, by Dudley 
Selden. 4: maps. 8vo, clo. N. Y,, 1838. $12 

388 Documents relating to the History 

and Settlements of the Towns along the Hud- 
son and Mohawk Rivers (with the exception 
of Albany), from 1630 to 1684, and also illus- 
trating the relations of the settlers with the 
Indians. Translated, compiled and edited 
by B. Fernow. 4to, clo., pp. xxxiii., 617. 
Albany, 1881. $.3.50 

389 Reprint of the First New York 

Directory, 1786, by David Franks. Square 
12mo, uncut. N. Y., 1874. $1 

390 Remonstrance of New Nether 

land, and the occnrrences there, addressed to 

80 Nassau Street, IsTew York. 


the high and mighty Lords States Generals, 
on July 28, 1649, with Secretary Van Tien- 
hoven's answer. Translated from the Dutch 
MSS. by E. B. O'Callagban. 4to, hlf. mor. 
Albany, 1856. $6 

391 Journal of Legislative Council of 

tlie Colony. Begun 9 April, 1691, and ended 
3d April, 1775, copious Index. 2 vol, 4to, 
hlf. shp. Albany, 1861. $4 

392 History of the New Netherlands, 

Province of N. Y. and State, by W. Dunlap. 
Portrait and map. 2 vols, 8vo, clo. N. Y., 
1839. $5 

393 Political Papers, addressed to the 

Advocates for a Congressional Revenue in the 
State of New York. Title and pp. 20, sheets 
stitched. N. Y., printed by ShepUard KoVock, 
1786. $2.50 

394 Register of New Netherland, 1626 

to 1674, by E. B. O'Callaghan, including an- 
nals of New Netherland, and a general Index. 
Royal 8vo, uncut. Albany, 1865. $2 

100 copies printed. Contains a large list of names 
of early residents of New York. 

395 — — Report of the Topograpical survey 
of the Adirondack Wilderness of New York. 
1st to 7th Reports. Maps and plates. 3 vols., 
8vo. Albany, 1873-80. $7 

396 Description of the Province and 

City of New York, with plans of city and its 
Forts as they existed in 1685, by J. Miller. 
New edition. Copious notes by J. G. Shea, 
LL.D. 8vo, folded, uncut. N. Y., 1862. $1 

397 Two Years' Journal in New York 

and part of its Territories in America, 1679, 
by Charles Wooley. New edition with copious 
notes, by E. B. O'Callaghan. 8vo, folded, 
uncut. N. Y., 1860. $1 

398 Account of the Astor Place Riot, 

May 10th, 1849, with the Quarrels of Edwin 
Forrest andMacready, including all the Causes 
which led to that Awful Tragedy. View of 
the Riot. 8vo. N. Y., 1849. 25 cts. 

399 The Pioneers of, an Anniversary 

Discourse before the St. Nicholas Society, 
December 6, 1874. by C. F. Hoffman. 8vo, 
pp. 55. N. Y., 1848. $1 

400 A Legacy of Historical Gleanings, 

compiled and arranged by Mrs. C. Y. R. Bon- 
ney. (Reminiscences of Notable Americans, 
Statesmen and Military Characters, with 
many letters, &c.) Portraits and plates. 2 
vols., 8 vo, cloth. (Published at $12.) Albany, 
1875. $4 

Beginning with the French and Indian War of 1744, 
embracing the Revolution and the War of 1812, and 
the patriot war of 1836; in all of which the Van 
Rensselaer family were conspicuous, political events, 

401 Calendar of New York Colonial 

Manuscripts, indorsed Land Papers, in the 
office of the Secretary of the State of New 
York, 1643-1803. 8 vo, shp., pp. 1087. Albany, 
1864. $6 

Transfers and Grants of Land. 

402 Geological Survey. Plates belong- 
ing to the Surveys of 1837, &c. 4to. $2 

403 Historic Annals of the National 

Academy of Design, with occasional dottings 
by the wayside from 1825, by T. S. Cum- 
mings. 8vo, clo. Phil, 1865. |2 

A companion vol. to Dunlap^ s Arts of Design. 

404 Letters of Isaac Bobin, Private 

Secretary of Hon. George Clarke, Secretary 
of the Province of N. Y., 1718-1730. Sm. 
4to., bds., uncut, large paper. Albany, 1872. 


405 Documentary History of the State 

of New York, by E. B. O'Callaghan, M.D. 
Maps, portraits and plates. 4 vols. , thick 8vo, 
clo. Albany, 1849-52. $4 

Contains: Papers relating to the Iroquois and other 
Indians; First Settlement at Onondaga; De Cour- 
celles' and De Tracy's Expeditions against Mohawk 
Indians; Reports on the Province, 1669-78; De la 
Barre's Expedition, 1684; Denonville's Expedition to 
the Genesee Country, 1687: Names of Male Inhabi- 
tants of Ulster County, 1689; Invasion of New York 
and Burning of Schenectady by French in 1690; Civil 
List; Frontenac's Expedition, 1696; Army List, 1700; 
Census of Orange, Dutchess and Albany Counties, 
1702, '14, '20; Cadwallader Colden on Lands of New 
York, 1732; Susquehannah River, 1683-1757; OgdenSr 
btirgh, 1749; Oswego, Oneida County and Mohawk 
Valley, 1756-7; On Long Island ; Report of Gov. Tryon; 
Administration of Lt.-Gov. Leisler, 1689-91; Rate 
Lists of Long Island, 1675-83; MSS. of Sir Wm. John- 
son; The Rumsey and Fitch Steamboat Controversy; 
Western New York: Settlement of the Genesee 
Country; Champlain's Expedition, 1609, 1615; First 
Settlement by Dutch, Restoration to EngUsh, State 
of Religion, 1657-1712; Kings County, L. I.; Churches 
in Queens County, Suffolk Countj^, City of New York; 
Palatines; Manor of Livingston, including First Set- 
tlement of Schoharie, 1680-1795; Census of Slaves, 
17.55; Westchester County ; Ulster and Dutchess 
Counties ; Quakers and Moravians ; Rev. Gideon Haw- 
ley's Journey to Oghquaga, 1753; Prices of Land, 
1791; Western Waters; Journal of Rev. John Taylor; 
Medals and Coins; Newspapers; Journal of New 
Netherland, 1641-6 ; Jogues' Description of New Neth- 
erland, 1644; Information for taking up Land in New 
Netherland, by Van Tienhoven, 1650; Journal of Sec- 
ond Esopus War, by Capt. Kregier, 1663; Extracts 
from the Breeden Raedt, 1649; Description of New 
Netherland from Montanus, 1671; irial for Witch- 
craft in New York, 1665; Assessment Rolls of Five 
Dutch Towns on Long Island, 1675; State of Province 
in 1738; Journal of Sir Wm. Johnson's Scouts, 1755-6; 
Papers Relating to the Six Nations; Fort Stanwix; 
New York and New Hampshire Difficulties ; Memoir 
of James Delancey; James Duane; Churches; Wars; 
Indians; &c. 

406 History of the School of the R. P. 

Dutch Church in the Citv from 1626, by H. 
W. Dunshee. 12mo, clo." N. Y., 1853. 

50 cts. 

407 History of Harlem, by Col. A. B. 

Caldwell, an historical narrative. 12mo, 
pp. 49. N. Y., 1882. 50 cts. 

408 — - Fifty Years in New York, a 
semi-centennial Discourse by J. M. Matthews 
D.D. 8vo, pp. 48. N. Y., 1858. 50 cts] 

409 The Old Brewery and the New 

Mission House at Five Points. Illustrated. 
12mo, clo. N. Y., 1854. $1 

410 Collections of the New York His- 
torical Society. Publication Fund Series. 
1868 to 1881 (1874 not yet published). 13 
vols., 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1858-82. $22 

Contents: Continuation of Chalmer's Political An- 
nals, Colden's Letters on Smith's History, 1759-60; 
Documents relating to the Administration of Leisler, 
Clarendon Papers, Tracts relating to New York Mis- 
cellaneous Documents, Gardiner's East Hampton, 

Nash and Pieece, 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 

New York, and New Hampshire grants, Territorial 
Rights of New York, the New Hampshire Grants, Old 
New York and Trinity Church, Papers of Major Gen- 
eral Charles Lee, embracing his poUtical and military 
writings and his correspondence with many distin- 
guished characters, both in Evu'ope and America, Pro- 
ceedings of a Court Martial for his Trial, Official Let- 
ters of Major General ^James Pattison, Letters of 
General Lewis Morris; The Colden Letter Books, 
1760-65 ; Papers of Charles Thomson, Letters of 
Colonel Armand, Letters of Robert Morris, Trial of 
Major General Schuyler, Trial of General Howe, 
Commissary Rainsford's Journal of Transactions, 
Family of Montresor, Joxu-nals of Colonel James 
Montresor, 1757-'9; Journals of Captain John Mon- 
tresor, 1757-78, etc., etc. 

411 City during the American Revo- 
lution, being a collection of original papers 
(now first published) from MSS. in the pos- 
session of the Mercantile Library [with Intro 
duction of Henry B. Dawson], Plan of City, 
1766-7. 4to, clo. Privately printed, 1861. 


412 Vertoogh Van Nieu Nederland, 

and Breden Raedt aende Vereenichde Neder- 
landsche Provintien. Two rare tracts, printed 
in 1649-50. Relating to the Administration 
of Affairs in New Netherland. Translated 
from the Dutch by Henry C, Murphy. 4to, 
pp. 92. K Y. . 1854. $15 

Manuscript copy in the handwriting of the transla- 
tor, the late Hon. Henry C. Murphy. The book was 
translated and 125 copies printed for the late Mr. 
James Lenox, of New York, for presentation. 

413 Debates and Proceedings in the 

New York State Convention, for revision of 
the Constitution, by Croswell & Sutton. Thick 
8vo, calf. Albany, 1846. $2.50 

414 Colonial Records of the New 

York Chamber of Commerce, 1768-84, with 
liistorical and biographical sketches by J. A. 
Stevens, Jr. Map view of Fraunce's tavern 
and portrait of Colden, pp. 404. In same 
volume. Colonial New York: sketches, bio- 
graphical and historical, 1768-74, by J. A, 
Stevens, Jr. 4 portraits. Pp. 172, large 8vo, 
clo., uncut. N. Y., 1867. $2.50 

415 Same on large paper, imp. 8vo, 

clo , uncut, portraits on India and contains 6 
additional, published at $20. $6 

416 Jacob Steendam, Noch Vaster. 

A Memoir of the First Poet in New Nether- 
land, with his poems descriptive of the Col- 
ony. (In Dutch and English, edited and 
privately printed at the Hague by the late 
Henry C. Murphy.) Portrait. 8vo, uncut. 
The Hague, 1861. $3 

417 Olden Time in New York; N. Y. 

Society in Olden Time; Traces of American 
Lineage in England. (By Bp. W. I. Kip.) 3 
views. 4to, clo. N. Y., 1872. $1.50 

418 History of the Purchase and Set- 
tlement of New York, and the Rise, Progress 
and Present State of the Presbyterian Church 
in that Section, by Rev. J. H. Hotchkin. 
8vo. clo. N. Y., 1«48. $2 

419 Pioneer History of the Holland 

Purchase of Western New York, embracing 
some account of the Ancient Remains and a 
History of Pioneer Settlement under the Hol- 
land Company, War of 1812, Erie Canal, &c., 
by O. Turner. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Buffalo, 
1849. $6 

420 History of the Pioneer Settlement 

of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, and Mor- 
ris' Reserve. With a Supplement or Con- 
tinuation of the Pioneer History of Ontario, 
Wayne, Livingston, Yates and Alleghany, by 
O. turner. 8vo, clo. Rochester, 1852. $4.50 

421 Calendar of Historical Manuscripts 

in the office of Secretary of State. Edited by 
E. B. O'Callaghan. English, 1664-1776. 
Imp. 8vo, clo. Albany, 1866. $3.50 

422 Jubilee Sermon, containing a his- 
tory of the origin of the first Baptist Chvirch 
in the City of New York, and its progress the 
first 50 years, with explanatory notes, pp. 52.^ 
Also a Narrative with remarks and an appen- 
dix, all relating to the reports which have gone 
abroad concerning Wm. Parkinson, Pastor of 
the first Baptist Church in New York by the 
accused. 12mo. cl. N. Y., 1846. $1 

423 Historical Sketches of Northern 

New York and the Adirondack Wilderness, 
including Traditions of the Indians, Early 
Explorers, Pioneer Settlers, Hermit Hunters, 
&c., by W. B. Sylvester. Portraits of Gliam- 
plain and Sir Wm. Johnson. 8vo, clo. Troy, 
1877. $2 

424 Journal of a Voyage to New York 

and a Tour in several of the American Colo- 
nies in 1679-80, by Jasper Dankers and Peter 
Sluyter of Weiwerd in Friesland. Translated 
from the original MSS. in Dutch by Henry C. 
Murphy. 12 plates. Royal 8vo, large paper, 
uncut. Brooklyn, 1867. $6 

425 The Market Book, containing a 

Historical Account of the public markets in 
the cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia 
and Brooklyn. With a description of every 
article of Human Food sold therein. Intro- 
duction of Cattle in America, &c. , by T. F. 
De Voe. Vol. 1, all published, relates entirely 
to markets in New York. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 
1862. $3 50 

426 Brick Church Memorial. Dis- 
courses by Dr. Spring on closing of the old 
and opening of the new church, &c. Plates. 
8vo, clo. N. Y., 1861. $1.25 

427 Historic Tales of Olden Time, 

early settlement and advancement of New 
York City and State, by J. F. Watson. Piates. 
12mo, bds. N. Y., 1832. $1.50 

428 The Great Metropolis, a Mirror of 

New York. A complete history of metro- 
politan life and society, with sketches of 
places, persons and things, &c., by J. H. 
Browne. Illustrated. Thick 8vo, clo. Hart- 
ford, 1869. $2 

429 Historical Discourse in the North 

R. Dutch Church in City of N. Y., by T. De- 
witt, D.D. Aviates. 8vo, clo. N. Y.. 1856. 


430 Historical Sketch of the Union 

League Club of N. Y. , its ori2:in, organization, 
and work, 1863-1879, by H. W. Bellows. {For 
Private Distribution.) 8vo, clo. Club House, 
N. Y., 1879. $2 

431 History of the City of New York. 

by D. T. Valentine, Maps and plates. Svo., 

clo. N. Y., 1853. $3 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 


432 Historical Sketch of Columbia 

College in City of New York, 1754-1876, by 
Dr. N. F. Moore, B. R. Betts and others. 
12mo, clo. K Y., 1876. $1 

433 Memoir of construction, cost and 

capacity of the Croton Aqueduct, Civic Cele- 
bration and Essay on ancient and modern 
Aqueducts, by C. King. View. 4to, clo. N. 
.Y., 1843. $2.50 

434 History of New Amsterdam, or 

New York as it was in the days of the Dutch 
Governors, by A. Davis. Illustrated. 16mo, 
clo. N. Y., 1854. $1.50 

435 History of New York City from 

discovery to present day, by W. L. Stone. 
Portraits and plates. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1872. 


436 Old New York : or Reminiscences 

of the past 60 years, by J. W. Francis, M.D. 
12mo, clo. N. Y., 1858. $1.50 

437 Another. New Edition, with 

Memoir, by H. T. Tuckerman. Portrait. 
8vo, clo. N. Y., 1866. $2.50 

438 Report to the Legislature of the 

Commission to select and locate lands for Pub- 
lic Parks in 23d and 24th Wards of the City 
of New York. Map and 30 meim. 8vo. N. 
Y., 1884. 75 cts. 

439 Old Streets, Roads, Lanes, Piers 

and Wharves of New York. Showing the 
former and present Names, together with a 
list of alterations of streets either by extend- 
ing, widening, narrowing or closing, in Three 
Parts, with a supplement, by J. J. Post. 
Map of N. Y. in 1 728 inserted. Royal 8vo, 
hlf. mor. , uncut. N. Y , 1882. $5 

440 Events in the History of New York 
City, with illustrations from Shakespeare. 2 
vols., 16mo, clo. 1880-81. Compiled dy an 
old New Yorker and hut few copies ham been 
offered for sale. $2-50 

441 Recollections of Persons and 

Events chiefly in City of New York, by J. M. 
Matthews, D.D. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1865. 


442 NICARAGUA, Past, Present and Fu- 
ture, its Inliabitants, Customs, Mines, Mine- 
rals, Early History, Inter-Oceanic Canal, &c., 
by P. F. Stout. 12mo, clo. Phil. 1859. 


443 The War in, by Gen. Wm. Walker. 

Map and portrait. 12mo"', clo. Mobile, 1860. 


444 Walker's Expedition to, a history 

of the Central American War, by W. V. 
Wells. Ma'p, portrait. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 
1856 $1.50 

445 Its People, Scenery, Monuments, 

&c. By E. G. Squier. Maps and plates. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1852. $6 

graphical and historical Sketches of, with 
the early history of Marlborough, by Rev. Jo- 
seph Allen. 8vo, uncut, pp. 66. Worcester, 
1826. $2 

History from its first Settlement to Present 

Time, with Family Registers, by B. Kingman. 
Portraits, plates and maps. 8vo, sewed, un- 
cut, Boston, 1866. $4 

448 NORTH CAROLINA. Defense of the 
Revolutionary History of the State of, from 
the Aspersions of Mr. Jefferson, by J. S. Jones. 
12mo, clo., uncut. Boston, 1834. $2 

449 A Defence of the Revolutionary 

History of the State of North Carolina from 
Aspersions of Mr. Jefferson, by J. S. Jones. 
12mo, clo. Boston, 1834. $2 

450 Life and Character of Rev. David 

Caldwell. Revolutionary transactions and in- 
cidents in N. C. in its colonial state, by E. W. 
Caruthers. 8vo, shp. Greensborough, 1842. 


451 Historical Sketches of North Caro- 
lina from 1584 to 1851. Biographical sketches 
of statesmen, lawyers, soldiers, divines, &c., 
by J. H. Wheeler. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, clo. 
Phil., 1851. $2 

451* NORTH WEST. Discovery and 
Conquests of the North West, with History of 
Chicago, by R. Blanchard. Maps and illu^ 

Nos. Wheaton. 


History of Norway, 

8vo, clo. Norway, 


Military Operations 

trations. 8vo, pp. 768 
III., 1879. 

452 NORWAY, ME. 
Maine, by David Noyes. 

in Eastern Maine and Nova Scotia during the 
Revolution, with notes and memoir of Col. 
John Allan, by F. Kidder. Map. 8vo, clo. 
Albany, 1867. $2 

454 Neutral French, or Exiles of Nova 

Scotia, by Mrs. Williams. 12mo, clo. Prov. 


455 Present State of, with brief ac- 
count of Canada [by S. Hollingsworth]. 
Map. 8vo, hlf. elf. Edin., 1787. $3.25 

456 NULLIFICATION. State Papers on, 
including the public acts of the Convention of 
the People of South Carolina, assembled at 
Columbia, Nov. 19, 1832, and March 11, 1833, 
the Proclamation of the President of the U. S. 
and the Proceedings of the several State 
Legislatures which have acted on the subject. 
Collected and published by order of the Gen- 
eral Court of Massachusetts. 8vo, shp. 
Bost., 1834. Very rare. $10 

457 OHIO. Fugitive Essays relating to the 
Early History of Ohio, Geology, Antiquities, 
Boquet's Expedition, 1764, Indian Tribes and 
Treaties, Grants, &c., by C. Whittlesey. 
12mo, clo. Hudson, O., 1852. $2.50 

458 Journal and Letters of Col. John 

May, of Boston, relative to Two Journeys to 
the Ohio Country in 1788-9. Illustrative 
Notes by W. M. Darlington. Royal 8vo, clo., 
uncut. Cinn., 1873. $2 

459 ONEIDA CO.. N. Y. Notices of Men 
and Events connected with the Early History, 
by W. Tracy. 8vo, pr. Utica, 1838. 75 cts. 

460 ONONDAGA CO., N. Y. Reminis- 
cences of Earlier and Later Times, with notes 


Nash and Pierce, 

on the several towns and Oswego, by J. Y. 
H.Clark. Map and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, shp. 
Syracuse, 1849. $6.50 

461 ORANGE CO., N. Y. History, with 
names of the towns, villages, rivers, creeks, 
local traditions, early settlers, &c. , by S. W. 
Eager. 8vo, hlf. roan. Newbnrgh, 1846-7. $5 

463 OREGON, its History, Condition and 
Prospects, Personal Adventures among the 
Indians, &c. Portrait. 12mo, clo. Buffalo, 
1852. $1.25 

463 OTSEGO CO., K Y. Reminiscences, 
personal and other incidents, early settlement 
of Otsego County, notices and anecdotes of 
public men, &c., by Levi Beardsley. Portrait. 
8vo, clo. N. Y., 1852. $2.50 

464 PACIFIC. Narrative of a Yoyage to 
the Northwest Coast of America in 1811-14, 
or the first settlement on the Pacific, by G. 
Franchere. [Astoria, Rocky Mountains, In- 
dians, &c.] Plates. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1854. 


465 PENNSYLVANIA. History of the 
Counties of Berks and Lebanon, containing a 
brief account of the Indians, &c., by I. D. 
Rupp. Plates. 12mo, shp. Lancaster, 1844. 


466 History of Northampton, Lehigh. 

Monroe, Carbon and Scliuylkill Counties, with 
Appendix by I. D. Rupp. 12mo, shp. Har- 
risburg, 1845. $5 

467 Reminiscences of George La Bar, 

the Centenarian of Monroe County, Pa. , and 
incidents in the early settlement of the Penn- 
sylvania side of the river valley from Easton 
to Bushkill, by A. B. Burrell. Portrait. 8vo, 
clo. Phil., 1870. 65cts. 

468 Duke of York's Laws, from 1676 

to 1682. and Charter of W. Penn and Laws of 
Pennsylvania, 1682-1700. With Appendix 
concerning laws relating to Provincial Courts 
and Historical Matter. Compiled by S. George, 
B. M. Nead, T. McCamant. Portrait, 4l plates 
of facsimiles and 4 facsimiles of charter on four 
sheets in pockets. Royal 8vo, clo. Harris- 
burg, 1879. $3 

469 History of the Western Insurrec- 
tion in Western Pennsylvania, commonly 
called the Whiskey Insurrection, 1 794, by H. 
M. Brackenridge. 8vo, hlf. mco., uncut. 
Pittsburgh, 1859. $5 

470 History, Manners and Customs of 

the Indian Nations who once inhabited Penn- 
sylvania and neighbouring States, by Rev. J. 
Heckewelder. New and revised edition, with 
Introduction and Notes, bv W. C. Reichel. 
Portrait. 8vo, clo. Phil., 1876. $3.50 

471 An Historical Review of the Con- 
stitution and Government of Pennsylvania, 
from its Origin [by B. Franklin]. 8vo, shp. 
Lond., 1759. $3 

472 Journal of the Senate of the Common 
wealth of, commencing on Tuesday, 6th Dec. 
1796, ending Aug. 29,^1797, pp. 319; also Re- 
port of Hegister-General of the State of 
Finances for 1796, pp. 19; Accounts of the 
Treasury of, for 1796, pp. 12. 1 vol., folio, 
law shp. Phil., 1796-7. $5 

473 PERRY CO., PA. History, from the 
earliest settlement to the present time, by 
Silas Wright. 12mo, clo. Lancaster, 1873. 


474 PERU. Incidents of Travel and Ex- 
ploration in the Land of the Incas, by E. G. 
Squier. Illustrated. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1877. 


475 PETERBOROUGH, N. H. History 
of, with Records of Original Proprietors, and 
Genealogical and Historical Register, by Al- 
bert Smith. Maps, portraits and plates. 8vo, 
clo. Bost., 1876. $5 

476 PHCENIXVILLE, PA., and its Vicin- 
ity. Annals of, from settlement to 1871, by 
S. W. Pennypacker. Map, &c. 8vo, clo. 
Phil, 1872. $3 

477 PITTSBURGH, PA., As It Is, by G. 
H. Thurston. 12mo, pr. Pittsburgh, 1857. 

75 cts. 

478 PLYMOUTH, PA. Historical Sketches, 
by H. B. Wright. Plates. 12mo, clo. Phil, 
1873. $2.50 

479 PLYMOUTH, MASS. Pilgrim Me- 
morials and Guide to Plymouth. Map and 
plates. By W. S. Russell. 12mo, clo. Bost., 
1864. $1 

480 PORTLAND, ME. Journals of the 
Rev. Thomas Smith and Rev. Saml. Deane, 
Pastors of first church in Portland, with Notes, 
&c., and a summary History of Portland, by 
W. Willis. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Portland, 
1849. $2 50 

481 PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Rambles 
about, sketches of person, localities and inci- 
dents of two centuries, by C. W. Brewster. 
8vo, clo. Portsmouth, 1859. $2.50 

Short Account of. Map. 12mo, pr., uncut. 
Lond., 1839. 50 cts. 

483 PRINCETON, MASS. Centennial 
Celebration of the Town, by C. T. Russell, 
&c. 8vo, clo. Worcester, 1860. $1.25 

484 QUEENSBURY, N. Y. History, with 
Biographical Sketches and some Account of 
the Aborigines of Northern N. Y., by A. W. 
Holden. Portrait and plates. 8vo, clo. Al- 
bany, 1874. $3 

WIS. History of each county, its early set- 
stlement, its cities, war record, biographical 
sketches, laws, &c Portraits and plates. 4to, 
hlf. russia. Chicago, 1879. $3.50 

486 RED RIVER. Narrative of occur- 
rences in the Indian Countries of North 
America since the connexion of the Earl of 
Selkirk with the Hudson's Bay Company, his 
attempt to establish a colony on the Red River, 
his military expedition to, and proceedings at 
Fort William, in Upper Canada. 8vo, hlf. 
mco. Lond., 1817. $5 

487 Substance of a Journal during a 

residence at the Red River Colony, and fre- 
quent excursions among the N. W. American 
Indians in 1820-23, by John West. Plates. 
8vo, hlf. elf. Lond., 1824. $3 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 


of the Reformed Church in America 1 628-1878, 
by E. T. Corwin. Portraits, plates. 3d ed. 
8vo, clo. N. Y., 1879. $3 

489 RHINEBECK, N. Y. Documentary 
History of, embracing biographical sketches, 
and Genealogical Records of our first families 
and first settlers, with a history of its churches, 
&c., by E. M. Smith. Map. &vo, clo. Rhine- 
beck, 1881. $6 

490 RHODE ISLAND. Interference of 
the Executive in the Affairs of Rhode Island. 
Report of the Select Committee, with the doc- 
uments accompanying, &c. 8vo, hlf. shp., 
pp. 1075. Wash., 1845. |6 

491 History of the Episcopal Church 

in Narragansett, R. I., including a History of 
other Episcopal Churches in the State. With 
Appendix "America Dissected," by Rev, J. 
Macsparran. With Notes, Genealogical and 
Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Men, 
Families, &c., by W. Updike. Portraits. 8vo, 
clo. N. Y.,i847. $15 

492 Account of the Churches in Rhode 

Island, by Henry Jackson. Plate. 8vo, clo. 
Providence, 1854. 75 cts, 

493 History of Warwick, 1642 to pres- 
ent time, by O. P. Fuller. 8vo, clo. Prov., 
1875. $2 

494 Half Century Jubilee of Grace 

Church. Providence, 1829-1879, Portraits. 
8vo, clo. Prov., 1880. $1 

495 Historical sketch of Town of Hop- 

kinton, 1757 to 1876, by S. S. Griswold. 16mo, 
pp. 96. Hope Valley, 1877. $1 

496 Historical sketch of the Town of 

Charlestown, R. I., 1636-1876, by W. F, 
Tucker. 8vo, pp. 88. Westerly, 1877. $1.50 

497 Historical sketch of Town of Sci- 

tuate, R. I., by C. C. Beaman. 8vo, pp. 67. 
Phenise. 1877. $1 . 25 

498 Historical sketch of Town of Lin- 
coln, R. I., by W. A. Greene. 8vo, pp. 26. 
Central Fall, 1876. $1 

499 Report on the Geological and 

Agricultural Survey of State of Rhode Island 
made in 1839. Plates. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1840. 


500 Experiments of Spiritual Life and 

Health, and their Preservatives, &c., by Roger 
Williams, Lond., 1652, A facsimile reprint. 
Small 4to, bds. Prov., 1862. $2 

501 Roger Williams and the Baptists, 

by D. C. Eddy. 12mo, cl. Bost.,1861, $1 

502 Bibliography of Rhode Island, a 

Catalogue of Books, &c,, relating to State of 
Rhode Island, with Notes, by J, R. Bartlett, 
8vo, bds. Prov., 1864. $2.50 

503 Early History of Narragansett, by 

E. R. Potter, jr. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1835, $3 

504 Life and Recollections of John 

Howland, by E. M. Stone. 12mo, clo. Prov., 
1857. $1.50 

505 An Account of the Observation of 

Venus upon the Sun, 3d day of June, 1769, at 
Providence, in New England, with some ac- 

count of the use of those observations. By 
Benjamin West, 8vo, hlf. mco. Prov., 1769. 
rare. $5 

506 An Historical Account of the 

Providence Stage, by Charles Blake, 12mo, 
clo, Prov., 1868. $4 

507 Ceremonies at the unveiling of the 

monument to Roger Williams. Address of J. 
L. Diman, &c. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1877. $1 

508 A short History of Rhode Island, 

by G. W. Greene, 12mo, clo, Prov,, 1877. 


509 Report on the Poor and Insane in 

Rhode Island, by T, R. Hazard. 12mo, clo., 
Prov., 1851. 75 cts. 

510 Biography of Revolutionary He- 
roes, containing the life of Gen. W. Barton, 
Cap. S. Olney, by Mrs. Williams. 12mo, clo. 
Prov., 1839, $1,25 

511 A Concise History of the Efforts to 

obtain an extension of Suffrage in Rhode 
Island from 1811 to 1842, by Jacob Frieze. 
2d edition. 12mo, clo. Prov., 1842. $175 

512 Simplicity's Defence against Seven 

Headed Policy, by Samuel Gorton, one of the 
first settlers of Warwick, R. I., with notes 
explanatory of the text, &c., by W. R. Staples. 
8vo, clo. Prov., 1835. $1.75 

513 Memoir of Tristam Burges, with 

selections from his Speeches and occas'onal 
writings, by II. L. Bowen. Portrait. 8vo, 
clo. Phil., 1835. $6 

514 The Case, Trevett against Weeden, 

on information and complaint, for refusing 
Paper Bills in payment for Butcher's Meat, in 
market, at par with specie, in 1786; also, the 
Case of the Judges of said Court, &c., by 
James M. Varnum, 4to, pr,, pp. iv., 60. 
Prov., 1787. $8 

515 Narragansett: or The Plantations: 

a story of 177-. 3 vols., 12mo, clo. Lond., 
1860. $4 

A curious work, giving an inside history of some 
of Rhode Island's first families. 

516 Life and Times of Thomas W. 

Dorr, with outlines of the political history of 
R. I., by D. King. 12mo, clo. Boston, 1859. 


517 The Settlers of Aquidneck and 

Liberty of Conscience, by H. E. Turner. 
12mo, clo. Newport, 1880. $1 

518 In the Continental Congress, by 

Hon. W. R. Staples. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1870. 


519 Records of the Colony of R. I. 

and Providence Plantations. Edited by J. 
R. Bartlett. 1 to 9 shp. , 10th in clo. 10 vols. , 
8vo. Prov., 1856, &c. $20 

520 Spirit of '76 in R. I. or Sketches 

of the Efforts of the Government and People 
in the War of Revolution, by B. Cowell. 8vo, 
clo. Boston, 1850. $2.50 

521 Annals of the Town of Provi- 
dence from its first settlement to 1832, by 
Wm. R, Staples, 8vo, clo, Prov,, 1843, $10 


Nash and Pierce, 

523 History of R. I. and Newport, 

by E. Peterson. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., i853. $2 

523 Manual of the First Coni>Te2:a- 

lional Church, Bristol, R. I., 1687— 1872, by 
J. P. Lane. 12mo, clo. Prov., 1873. $1 

524 Rhode Island Book, Selections m 

Prose and Yerse from writings of R. I. Citi- 
zens, by Anne C. Lynch. 12mo, clo. Prov., 
1841. $1.50 

525 History of the Town of Bristol, 

by W. H. Munro. Illustrated. 12mo, clo. 
Prov., 1880. |2 

526 Historv of the State, by S. G. 

Arnold. 2 vols., 8vo, clo. N.Y.,1859. $10 

527 Westerly and Its Witnesses for 

250 Years, by Rev. F. Deuison. Plates. 8vo, 
clo. Prov., 1878. $3 

528 The City Hall, Providence. Exer- 
cises at the dedication of. 8vo, clo. Prov., 
1881. $1 

529 Jeanette, a Poem, with three Por- 
traits. 8vo, clo. N. Y, 1857. $1.50 

530 Historical Sketch of the Town of 

Pawtucket, by Rev. M. Goodrich. 12mo, clo. 
Pawtucket, 1876. $1.50 

531 Poems by the late Josias Lyndon 

Ai-nold, of St. Johnsburg, Vt., formerly of 
Providence and a tutor in R. I. College. 
12mo, bds. Prov., 1797. $1.50 

532 Picture of a Factory Village, with 

remarks on Lotteries by Sir Jeneris alias 
Thomas Man. 12mo. Prov., 1833. 75 cts. 

Not mentioned in Bartlett Bib. 

533 The Jonny-Cake Letters, dedicated 

to the Memory of Phillis, my Grandmother's 
Colored Cook, by Shepherd Tom (Thomas R. 
Hazard). 12mo, clo. Prov., 1882. 75 cts. 

534 A Key to the Language of Ameri- 
ca, or an help to the language of the Natives, 
by Roger Williams. Lon.,l643. Yol. 1. R. 
I. Historical Society Collections. 8vo, pr. 
uncut. Prov., 1827. $3 

535 Second Centennial of Settlement 

of Providence, by John Pitman. 8vo, pp. 72. 
Prov., 1836. $1.25 

536 Memorial of N. B. Crooke, D.D., 

late Rector of St. John's Church, Providence. 
i]d. by Rev. R. B. Duane. 8vo, clo. Prov., 
1866. $1 

537 Tales, National and Revolution- 
ary, by Mrs. C R. Williams. 2 vols., 12mo, 
hlf. mor. Prov., 1830. $7 

Very scarce, contain two Autograph Letters by the 
author, giving additional facts concerning the sub- 
jects of the tales. 

538 History of Philip's War, called 

the Great Indian War of 1675-6, by T. 
Church, with notes by S. G. Drake. 2d 
ed. Plates. Exeter, 1834. $1.50 

539 Whatcheer, a story of Olden 

Times, one of Sister Rhody's Collection of 
Historical Facts, by Mrs. A. P. Child. 12mo, 
cloth. Prov., 1857. 75 cts. 

540 History of the Town of Smith- 
field from its organization, 1730-1 to 1871, 
by Thomas Steere. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1881. 


541 Another, on fine thick paper, in 

hlf. mor. $3 

542 Historical Discourse on the Civil 

and Religious Affairs of the Colony of R. I., 
by John Callender. With Memoir bv Romeo 
Elton. 2d ed. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1838. $1.75 

543 Memoir of the R. I. Bar, by Wil- 

kins Updike. 8vo, clo. Boston, 1842. $2.50 

544 Memoir of Roger Williams, by 

James D. Knowles. 12mo, clo. Boston, 
1834. $2.50 

545 Memorial Addresses on the Life 

and Character of Ambrose E. Burnside. 8vo, 
clo. Wash., 1882. $1 

546 History of the destruction of the 

Schooner Gaspee in Narra^ansett Bay, 1772, 
by J. R. Bartlett. 8vo,"pr. Prov., 1861. 


547 Whatcheer, or Roger Williams in 

Banishment, a Poem, by Job Durfee. 12mo, 
clo. Prov., 1832. $1.50 

Presentation copy by Romeo Elton, with his auto- 

548 Recollections of the Jersey Prison- 
Ship, from original MSS. of late Capt. Thomas 
Dring, of Providence, one of the Prisoners, by 
Albert G. Greene. Plate. 12mo, hlf. mor. 
Prov., 1829. $6 

549 New edition. Rider's Reprint. 4 

plates. 4to, pr., uncut. Prov., 1866. $3 

550 Memoirs of Rhode Island Officers 

who were engaged in the great Rebellion, by 
John R. Bartlett. Portraits. 4to, bds., uncut. 
Prov., 1867. $7.50 

This copy is complete, having the portrait of Lt. 
Com. Ives, which is usually omitted. 

551 Celebration of 100th Anniversary 

of Founding of Brown University. Portrait. 
4to, uncut, large paper. Prov., 1865. $2.50 

552 Spirit of R. I. History, a Dis- 
course, by S. G. Arnold. 8vo, pp. 32. Prov., 
1853. 50 cts. 

553 Memorial of Rev. Edward B. Hall, 

late pastor of First Congl. Society, Provi- 
dence. Portrait. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1877. 


554 In Memoriam. Robinson Potter 

Dunn. 8vo, clo. Prov., n. d. $1.50 

555 Original Poems, by Mrs. Williams. 

16mo, bds., uncut. Prov., 1828. $1.50 

556 Fall River, an Authentic Narra- 
tive, by Mrs. Williams. 16mo, bds. Prov., 
1834. $1.50 

557 Familiar Letters written by Mrs. 

Sarah Osborn and Miss Susanna Anthony, late 
of Newport, R. I. 12mo, shp. Newport, 
1807. $1 

558 RICHMOND, YA. In by-gone days, 
being reminiscences of an old citizen. [Miss 
Sallie A. Brock.] 12mo, clo. Richmond, 
1856. $2 

559 RIPON, WIS. History of City of 
Ripon and its founder, David P. Mapes, with 
his opinion of men and manners of the day. 
Portrait. 12mo, clo. Milwaukee, 1873. $1.75 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 


560 ROCHESTER, VT. History of Town 
of, by W. W. Williams. 12mo, clo. Mont- 
pelier, 1869. $2 

561 ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Expedition 
of Capt. Fisk to the. 8vo, hlf. mor. Wash., 
1864. $2 

562 Across the Continent, a Summer 

Journey to the Rocky Mountains, Mormons 
and Pacific States, by S. Bowles. Mvp. 12mo, 
clo. Springfield, 1866. $1 

563 ROXBURY TOWN. History, by 
Charles M. Ellis. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1847. 


564 RYE, N. Y. History of Rye, West- 
chester Co., N. Y., 1660-1870, including Har- 
rison and White Plains till 1788, by C. W. 
Baird. Illustrated. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1871. 


565 SALEM, MASS. Fifth half century 
of the landing of John Endicott at Salem. 
Portmit. 8vo, clo. Salem, 1879. $1.50 

566 A Tale of the 17th Century, by 

D. R. Castleton. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1874. $1 

567 Old Naumkeag : Historical Sketch 

of City of Salem, and towns of Marblehead, 
Peabody, Beverly, Danvers, Wenhan, Man- 
chester, Topsfield and Middleton, by C. H. 
Webber, W. S. Nevins. Illustrated. 12mo, 
clo. Salem, Mass., 1877. $2 

ders of the Invisible World, or the wonders of 
the Invisible World displayed, compiled by 
Robert Calef. 12mo, shp. Salem, 1823. 


569 SALISBURY, VT. History, by J. M. 
Weeks. Portraits. 12mo, clo. Middiebury, 
1860. $1.50 

570 SANBORNTON, N. H. History of. 
Vol. 1, Annals; Vol. 2, Genealogies, by Rev. 
M. T. Runnels. Maps, portraits and mews. 2 
vols., 8vo, clo. Bost., 1882. $5 

571 SAN FRANCISCO. Annals of, and 
History of California, with Biographical 
Memoirs, &c , by F. Soule, J. H. Gihon and 
J. Nisbet. Map, portraits and mews. {Por- 
traits of Mrs. Baker and Matilda Heron.) Roy. 
8vo, clo. N. Y.,1855. $3 

572 SARATOGA. Reminiscences of Sara- 
toga and Ballston, by W. L. Stone. Illus- 
trated. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1880. fl.50 

573 SAVANNAH. Historical Record of 
the City of Savannah, Ga., by F. D. Lee and 
J. L. Agnew. Maps and plates. 12mo, clo. 
Savannah, 1869. $2 

574 Siege of Savannah, in 1779, as de- 
scribed in two contemporaneous Journals of 
Frencli Officers in the Fleet of Count D'Es- 
taing. [Edited by Charles C. Jones.] 4to, 
clo., uncut. Plan. Albany, 1874. $4 

Printed from a MSS. in possession of Mr. J. C. Bre- 
voort, the large folded plan is a fac-simile of the orig- 
inal formerly in possession of Lord Rawdon . 

575 SCHENECTADY, N. Y. First Re- 
formed Church Memorial, 200th Anniversary, 
1680-1880. 8vo, clo. $1.75 

576 SCHOHARIE CAVE, Schoharie Coun- 
ty, New York. History of its Discovery, Lake, 
Minerals, &c. Plates. 8vo, paper. 1853. 

50 cts. 

577 SHELBURNE. N. H. History of, bj 
Mrs. R. P. Peabody. 16mo, pr. Gorham, 
1882. $1.5C 

578 SHREWSBURY, MASS. Family Reg 
ister of the Inhabitants of the Town, 1717 tc 
1829, and some of a later period, by A. H, 
Ward. Portrait. 8vo, hlf. shp. Bost., 1847, 


579 SONORA. Rudo Ensayo, tentativa d( 
una Provencional Descripcion Geographicad^ 
la Provincia de Sonora. Compilada Asi d( 
Noticias adquiridas por el C< 'lector en suf 
Viajes per casi toda ella, como subrainestrada^ 
per los Padres Missioneros y Practicos de h 
Tierra. Por ud Amigo del Bien Comun 
Published for the first time from MSS. b} 
Buckingham Smith, contains a very full ac 
count of the mines worked under the Span 
iards, &c. 4to, large paper, uncut. Only 10( 
copies printed, at $10. San Augustin, Florida, 
1863. %'- 

580 SOUTH AMERICA. What I saw or 
the West Coast of South and North America 
and Hawaiian Islands, by H. W. Baxley 
Plates. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1865. $^ 

581 SOUTH CAROLINA. Documentary 
History of the American Revolution, consist 
ing of letters and papers relating to the con 
test for liberty, chiefly in South Carolioa, 1764- 
1782, by R. W. Gibbes. 3 vols., 8vo, clo. N 
Y., 1855, &c. $( 

582 An Exhortation, &c., by Sophia 

Hume. 8vo, sewed. Bristol, 1751. $1.5( 

583 Annals and Parish Register of St 

Thomas and St. Dennis Parish in S. C. fron: 
1680 to 1884, by Rev. R. F. Clute. 8vo, clo 
Charleston, 1884. $' 

584 SPENCER, MASS. History of, t( 
1860, with sketch of Leicester to 1753, by J 
Draper. 2d edition. Map and poi^traits. 8vo 
clo.. uncut. Worcester, n. d. $^ 

tory of 1636-1 675, by Henry Morris. Portrait 
8vo, clo., uncut. Springfield, 1876. $1.2( 

586 ST. ALBANS, O. Our Early Times, 
Historical Sketch of St. Albans Township, bj 
Joseph M. Scott. 8vo, pp. 11 (double columns) 
Newark, O., 1873. 60 cts, 

587 ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. Sketches, 
with a view of its History and Advantages, bj 
R. K. Sewall. Plates. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 
1848. $1 5( 

588 ST. DOMINGO. History of the Islanc 
of, from its first discovery by Columbus tc 
present period. 8vo, shp. N. Y., 1824. $1 

589 ST. LAWRENCE and Franklin Coun 
ties, N. Y. History of, from the earliesl 
period, by F. B. Hough. Maps and plates. 
8vo, clo. Albany, 1853. %l 

590 STATEN ISLAND, N. Y. Annals of, 
from its discovery to present time, by J. J, 


Kash and Piercm, 

Clute. (With the Old Families.) 8vo, clo. 
N. Y., 1877. $2.50 

591 STOCKBRIDGE, MASS. Past and 
Present, or records of an old Mission Station, 
by Miss E. F. Jones. 12mo, clo. Springfield, 
1854. $2.50 

592 SUTTON, MASS. History of Sutton, 
Mass, 1704-1876. Including Grafton, Mill- 
bury and parts of Northbridge, Upton and 
Auburn, by W. A. Benedict and H. A. Tracy. 
Illustrated. Royal 8vo, clo. Worcester, 1878. 


593 TEHUANTEPEC Railway, its Loca- 
tion, Features and Advantages, 1869. Also 
in same vol. Historical and Geographical 
Notes, 1453-1869, by Henry Stevens. 2 maps 
and 10 tinted plates. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1869. 


594 Isthmus of, being the results of a 

survey for a Railroad to connect the Atlantic 
and Pacific Oceans, made by the Scientific 
Commission under Maj. J. G. Barnard, with 
a resume of the Geology, Climate, Local Geog- 
raphy, Industry, Fauna and Flora of that 
region, arranged by J. J. Williams. Maps 
and plates. With an Atlas of Maps. 2 vols., 
8vo, clo. K Y., 1852. $5 

595 Inter-Ocean Railroad, its local, 

national and international features, &c., by 
A. D. Anderson. Maps. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 
1881. 75 cts. 

596 TENNESSEE. Annals of, to the end 
of the 18th century, by J. G. M. Ramsay. 
Ma23. 8vo, clo. Phil., I860.- $2.50 

597 TEXAS. Fiscal History of Texas, its 
Revenues, Debts and Currency, with remarks 
on American Debts, by W. M. Gouge. 8vo, 
clo. Phil., 1852. $1 

598 Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe 

Expedition, a description of a Tour through 
Texas, across the prairies, Indians. &c. Map 
andj)lates. 2 vols., 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1844. 


599 Scouting Expeditions of McCul- 

loch's Texas Rangers, including Skirmishes 
with the Mexicans, Storming of Monterey. 
Daring Scouts at Buena Vista, Anecdotes, In- 
cidents, Descriptions of Country, &c., by S. 
C. Reid, Jr. 12mo, clo. Phil., n. d. $1.50 

600 in 1840, or the Emigrant's Guide 

to the New Republic, by an Emigrant. With 
Introduction by Rev. A. B. Lawrence. Col- 
ored mew of Austin in 1840. 12mo, clo. N. 
Y., 1840. $2 

601 History of, by David B. Edward. 

Map. 12mo, do. Cin., 1836. $1.50 

602 TOPSFIELD, MASS. Address at 200th 
Anniversary of Incorporation of the Town, 
by N. Cleveland. With notes. 4 portraits. 
8vo, pr. N. Y., 1851. $1.50 

603 TOWNSEND, MASS. History of the 
Town of, from the Grant of Hathorn's Farm, 
1676-1878, by J. B. Sawtelle. Portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Fitchburgh, 1878. $3 

604 UNITED STATES. The Metallic 
Wealth of the, described and compared with 

that of other countries, by J. D. Whitney. 

Illustrated. 8vo, clo. Phil., 1854. $2 

605 Thirty Years' View, or a History 

of the working oi the American Government 
for 30 years, from 1820 to 1850,with historical 
notes, &c., by Thomas H. Benton. Portrait. 
2 vols., large 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1854. $4 

606 UTAH. Map of a Reconnoissance be- 
tween Fort Leavenworth and the Great Salt 
Lake in Utah, made in 1849-50 by Cap. 
Stansbury and Lieut. Gunnison. Large fold- 
ing map mounted on linen in 4to cloth 
cover. $1.50 

607 Map of the Great Salt Lake and 

Adjacent Country in Utah, by Capt. Stans- 
bury and Lieut. Gunnison. Large folding 
map mounted on linen in 4to, cloth cover. 


608 Exploration and Survey of the 

Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, in- 
cluding a Reconnoissance of a new route 
through the Rocky Mountains, by H. Stans- 
bury. Large number of plates of scenery, 
natural history, &c. With vol. of maps. 2 
vols., 8vo, clo. Phil., 1852. $2.50 

609 UTICA, N. Y. Historical Discourse 
of the R. D. Church of, by J. S. Hartley. 
2 p)lat€S. 8vo, pr. Utica, 1880. 60 cts. 

610 VERMONT. Collections of the Ver- 
mont Historical Society. 2 vols., 8vo, clo. 
Montpelier, 1870-1. $5 

611 Natural and Civil History, by S. 

Williams. Map. 2 vols., 8vo, shp. Burling- 
ton, 1809. $3.50 

612 Descriptive Sketch of, by J. A. 

Graham. Portrait. 8vo (old calf, cracked). 
Lond., 1797. $2.50 

613 The Mountain Hero and his Asso- 
ciates, by H. W. De Puy. 12mo, clo. Bost. 
1855. 1 

614 Green Mountain Boys, a historic 

tale of early settlement of Vermont, by D. P. 
Thompson. 12mo, clo. Bost., 1848. $1.25 

615 Tlie Ranger's, or Tory's Daughter, 

a tale of the Revolutionary History of Ver- 
mont, by Thompson. 12mo, hlf. mor. Bost., 
1851. $1.25 

616 Mary Martin and other tales of 

the Green Mountains, by Thompson, 12mo, 
clo. Bost., 1852. $1 

617 and New York Land Jobbers. 

Curiosities in American History. The Green 
Mountain Boys: or Vermont and N. Y. Land 
Jobbers, by P. H. Smith. 12mo, clo. Paw- 
ling, 1885. 75 cts. 

618 VINCENNES, IND, Colonial History 
of, under the French, British and American 
Governments, by Judge Law. With Notes. 
8vo, clo. Vincennes, 1858. $1.50 

619 VIRGINIA. True Travels, Adventures 
and Observations, with a General History of 
Virginia, New England and the Summer Isles. 
Portrait, map and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, shp. 
Fine copy. Richmond, 1819. $10 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 


620 Notes on the State of Virginia, 

with appendix relative to the Murder of Lo- 
gan's Family. Portrait and map. 8vo, shp. 
N Y., 1801. $2.50 

621 A Discourse of Virginia, by E. M. 

Winfield, now first printed from the original 
MSS. Edited with Notes by Charles Deane. 
Imp. 8vo, sewed, uncut (privately printed). 
Bost., 1860. $3.50 

622 Report of the Geological Survey 

of the State for 1839 and 1840, by W. B. 
Rogers. 3 vols., 8vo, uncut. Richmond, 
1840-1. $7 

Sold separate at $4 each. 

623 Sclieeps-Togt van Antbony Ches- 
ter, na Virginia, Gedaan in bet Jarr 1620. 
Folding plate. 8vo, pp. 15 (3), uncut. Leyden, 
1707. $3 

624 Proceedings and Debates of the 

Virginia State Convention of 1829-30, &c. 
8vo, shp. Richmond, 1830. $2.50 

625 Notes on the State of, with an 

Appendix, also one in relation to Murder of 
Logan's Family, Map and portrait. 12mo, 
shp. Bost., 1802. $1.50 

626 Yorktown Campaign and the 

Surrender of Cornwallis, 1781, by Henry P. 
Johnston. Illustrattd. 8vo, clo. N. Y.,1881. 


627 Report with Statements showing 

the amount of land scrip issued (satisfied and 
unsatisfied) to the officers and soldiers of the 
Virginia line and Navy, and of Continental 
Army during Revolutionary War. 8vo, pp. 
71. Wash., 1834. 75 cts. 

628 Orderly Book of that portion of 

the American Army stationed at or near 
Williamsburgh, Va., under command of Gen. 
Andrew Lewis, from Mch. 18, 1776, to Aug. 
28, 1776. Notes, &c., by C. Campbell. Sm. 
4to, clo., uncut. Richmond, 1860. $2 

629 History of the first discovery and 

settlement of Virginia, by Wm. Stith, 
Williamsburg, 1747. 8vo, sewed, uncut. 
N. Y., 1865. $4.50 

630 Sketches of Virginia, historical 

and biographical, by W. H. Foote. 2d series. 
Portrait. 8vo, folded, uncut. Phil., 1856. 


631 Old Churches, Ministers and 

Families of Virginia, by Bishop Meade. 
Plates. 2 vols., bvo, clo. Phil., 1861. $5 

632 History of the Virginia Company 

of London, with letters to and from the first 
colony never before printed, by E. D. Neill. 
Portrait. Sm. 4to, clo., uncut. Albany, 
1869. $4 

633 Historical and Descriptive Sketches 

of Norfolk and Vicinity, by W. S. Forrest. 
8vo, clo. Phil., 1853, $1.75 

634 History of the Colony and An- 
cient Dominion of Virginia, by C. Campbell. 
8vo, clo. Phil., 1860. $3 

635 Journal of a Young Lady of Vir- 
ginia, 1782. Sm. 4to, clo. Bait., 1871. 


636 Exiles in, with observations on 

conduct of Society of Friends during Revolu- 
tionary War. 8vo, hlf. mor. Phil., Ih48. 


637 Fredericksburg and its Vicinity. 

12mo, pp. 24. N. Y., 1876. 25 cts. 

638 VIRGINIA and PENNA. Notes on 
the Settlement and Indian Wars from 1763 to 
1783, state of society, manners of first 
settlers of western country, by J. Doddridge. 
With Memoir by A. Williams. 12mo, clo. 
Albany, 1876. $1.50 

639 WARREN, MASS. History of, by O. 
I. Darling. 12mo, pp. 24. West Brook field, 
1874. 75 cts. 

640 WAYNE CO., PA. History of, by P. 
G. Goodrich, of Bethany, Pa. 12mo, clo. 
Honesdale, 1880. $2.25 

641 WAYNE CO., IND. History from its 
first settlement, with Biographical and Fam- 
ily Sketches, by A. W. Young. Portraits. 
8vo, clo. Cincin., 1872. $3 

642 WEST. River of the W^est, Life and 
Adventure in the Rocky Mountains and Ore- 
gon, Early History of the North Western 
Slope, Indian Tribes, Description of the 
Country, &c., by Mrs. F. F. Victor. Illustra- 
ted. 8vo, do. Hartford, 1871. $2 

643 Annals of the, Principal events in 

the Western States and Territories from dis- 
covery of Mississippi Valley, by J. H. Perkins 
and J. M. Peck. 8vo, shp. St. Louis, 1850. 


644 Life and Labour in the Far, Far 

West, being notes of a tour in the West- 
ern States, British Columbia, Manitoba, 
and N. W. Territory, by W. H. Barneby. 
Map. 8vo, clo. Lond. and N. Y., 1884. $2 

645 Wau-Bun, the Early Day in the 

North West, by Mrs. J. H. Kinzie. Plates. 8vo, 
clo. N. Y., 1856. $4 

646 The Far West, a tour beyond the 

Mountains, outlines of Western life and scen- 
ery, ancient mounds, early settlements of the 
French, &c. [by E. Flagg]. 2 vols., 12mo, 
clo. N. Y., 1838. $2.50 

647 Western Portraiture, a description 

of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, with remarks 
on Minnesota and other Territories, by D. S. 
Curtiss. Map. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1852. $1 

648 Western Characters or types of 

border life in Western States, by J. L. Mc 
Connel. Illustrations by Barley. 12mo, clo. 
N. Y., 1853. $1.50 

649 Emigrants' Guide to Western and 

Southwestern States and Territories, descrip- 
tions of the States, by W. Darby. 8vo, shp. 
N. Y., 1818. $1 

650 WESTERN Address Directory, with 
historical sketches of those cities and towns 
in Mississippi Valley, &c., by W. G. Lyford. 
12mo, cloth. Bait., 1837. $1 

651 WESTERN Gazetteer, or emigrants' 
directory, by S. R. Brown. 8vo, sheep. Au- 
burn, 1817. $1 


Kash and Pierce, 

652 WESTERN PILOT, containing Charts 
of the Ohio River and Mississippi from the 
mouth of Miss, to the Gulf of Mexico, and 
description of the towns, &c., by S. Cumings. 
8vo, bds. Gin., 1825. $1.50 

653 WESTWARD by Rail, the new route 
to the East (Galifornia, Mormons, &c.), by W. 
F. Rae. Map. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1871. 


654 WESTCHESTER, N. Y. History of 
the County of Westchester, from its First 
Settlement to Present Time, by Robert Bol- 
ton, Jr. Map and illustrations. 2 vols., 8vo, 
clo. N. Y., 1848. $10 

655 New Edition. 2 vols., 8vo, clo, 

N. Y.,1881. $10 

656 History of the P. E. Church in, 

from 1693 to 1853, by Robert Bolton. Illus- 
trated. Thick 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1855. $3.50 

657 WEST POINT, N. Y. History of West 
Point and its military importance during the 
Revolution and the origin and progress of the 
U. S. Military Academy, by E. C. Boynton. 
Plans and illustrations. Royal 8vo, clo., large 
paper copy, uncut. N. Y., 1864. $6 

658 Do. 8vo, clo. $2.50 

659 WHATELY, MASS. Early Ecclesi- 
astical History of, by J. H. Temple. With 
an Appendix containing Family Records. 8vo, 
pp. 40. Northampton, 1849. $1 

660 WILLIAMSON CO., ILL. History 
from the earliest limes down to the present, 
with account of the Secession movement, or- 
dinances, raids, complete history of the 
"Bloody Vendetta," &c., by Milo Erwin. 
16mo, clo. Marion, 111., 1876. $1.50 

661 WINDHAM, N. H. History of, 1719- 
1883. With History and Genealogy of its first 
settlers and their descendants and most of the 
families of its past, by L. A. Morrison. Map 
and engramngs. Large 8vo, clo. Bost., 1883. 


663 WINTHROP, ME. Brief History of 

Winthrop, Maine, from 1764 to 1855, by D. 

Thurston. 12mo, clo. Portland, 1855. $1 

663 WISCONSIN. Antiquities of, as sur- 
veyed and described by I. A. Lapham, on 
behalf of the American Antiquarian Society. 
Map, 55 pto?'es and 61 looodcuts. Royal 4to, 
hlf. mco. Wash., 1855. $6 

664 Illustrated History of the State, 

from its exploration to 1875, with historical 
and descriptive sketches of each county, by 
C. R. Tuttle. Large 8vo, clo. Bost., 1875. 


665 and its resources, with Lake Su- 
perior, including a Trip up the Mississippi and 
a Canoe Voyage on the St. Croix and Brule 
Rivers, by J. S. Ritchie. Maps and plates. 
12mo, clo. Phila., 1857. 75 cts. 

666 History of Wiskonsan from its 

first discovery, by Donald McLeod. Plates. 
12mo, clo. Buffalo, 1846. $4 

667 Report of a Geological Reconnois- 

sance of the Chippewa Land District of Wis- 
consin and the Northern Part of Iowa, by D. 
D. Owen. Map, 23 x>lates and 13 geological 
plates, colored. 8vo, uncut. Wash., 1848. $2 

668 History of Presbyterian and Con- 
gregational Churches and Ministers in, by 
Rev. S. Peet. 18mo, clo. Phila., 1851. $1 

669 History of, Historical and Docu 

mentary, by W. R. Smith. 2 vols., 8vo, clo. 
Madison, 1854. $3 

Contents: New France and Louisiana, Valley of 
the Mississippi under British dominion, Northwestern 
Territory, Indian disturbances, Black HaAvk in Wis- 
consin, Jesuit relations, Black Hawk War, Battles, 
Indian Adventures, &c., &c. 

670 Its geography and topography, 

history, geology and mineralogy, with its an- 
tiquities, by I. A. Lapham. Map. 12mo, 
clo. Milwaukee, 1846. $1 

671 WO BURN, MASS. History of, from 
1640 to 1860, bv S. Sewall. Genealogical No- 
tices. Portrait. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1868. $3.50 

672 Directory, Business Directory and 

Town Register, by Mark Allen. 8vo, bds. 
Woburn, 1883. 75 cts. 

673 WOODSTOCK, ME. History, with 
Family Sketches and Appendix, by W. B. 
Lapham. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Portland, 

1882. $2.50 

674 WORCESTER, MASS. History of, 
with notices on Worcester County, by W. 
Lincoln. 8vo. Worcester, 1837. $2 

675 History of, in the War of the Re- 
bellion, by A. P. Marvin. Portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Worcester, 1870. $3.50 

676 WYOMING, PA., its history, stirring 
incidents and romantic adventures, Indians, 
&c. Illustrated By Geo, Peck, D.D. 12mo, 
clo. N. Y., 1872. $1.50 

677 Sketch of the History of Wyoming, 

by I. A. Chapman. 12mo, slip. Wilkesbarre, 
1830. $2.25 

678 History of, by Charles Miner, with 

Appendix containing the Hazelton Travellers 
or personal and family sketches of the ancient 
sufferers, &c. Maps. 8vo, clo. Phila., 1845. 


679 YARMOUTH. History and Antiqui- 
ties of the Ancient Burgh of Great Yarmouth, 
County of Norfolk, by Henry Swinden. 4to, 
elf. Norwich, 1772. $5 

680 YOSEMITE. Discovery of the Yose- 
mite and the Indian War of 1851, by L. H. 
Bunnell, M.D. Illustrated. 12mo, clo, Chi- 
cago, 1880. $1.25 

681 ZUNI and Colorado Rivers. Report qf 
an Expedition down the, by Capt. L. Sit- 
greaves. Map and IS plates. 8vo, clo. Wash., 
1858. ■ $2 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 



682 ALLEK Genealogical Sketches of the 
Allen Family of Medfield, by Joseph Allen. 2 
portraits. 12mo, clo., pp. 88. Bost., 1869. 


683 ALLEN and WITTER Families, by 
Asa W. Allen. Portrait. 12mo, clo. Salem, 
O., 1872. $2 

684 APPLETON. Memorial of Samuel Ap- 
pleton, of Ipswich, Mass. With Genealogical 
Notices of some of his descendants, by I. A, 
Jewett. Plates and pedigree. Royal 8vo, clo. 
Bost., 1850. $2 

685 ARNOLD. Genealogy of the Family 
of Arnold in Europe and America, with brief 
notices by J. W. Dean, H. T. Drowne and E. 
Hubbard. Portrait. 8vo, pp. 16. Bost., 
1879. $1.50 

686 ARTHUR, W. Etymological Diction- 
ary of Family and Christian Names, with Es- 
say on their derivation and import. 12mo. 
clo. N. Y., 1857. $2.50 

Duquesne, from June, 1754, to Dec, 1756. 
Translated with an Introductory Essay and 
Notes, by Rev. A. A. Lambing (in French 
and English. 4to, pp. 97. Pittsburg, 1885. 


688 BARBOUR (H. H.) My Wife and My 
Mother. 12mo, clo. Hartford, 1864. $4 

Genealogies of Merrill, Watson, Marsh, Webster, 
Pratt, Blanchard, Newton. White, Crow, Goodwin, 
Clark, Jones, Treadway, Hotve, Worthington, Bull, 
Humphrey, (h~ant, Buetl, Buggies. Woodlrridge, Dxid- 
ley, Leete, Higley, Holcomb, Bliss, Chapin, Drake, 
Moore, Brown, Gillett, Loomis, and others. 

689 BASCOM. Genealogical Record of 
Thomas Bascom, and his descendants, by E. 
D.Harris. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1870. $3 

690 BERGEN FAMILY, or descendants of 
Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the early settlers 
of New York and Brooklyn, L. I. With 
notes on the Genealogy of several other fam- 
ilies, by Teunis G. Bergen. Illustrated. 8vo, 
clo. N. Y., 1866. $3 

691 BIDWELL. Seventh Generation of 
the Bidwell Family in America, by E. M. 
Bidwell. 8vo, pp. 123. Albany, 1884. $2 

James Embree, Philip Price and Eli K. Per- 
kins. Portrait. 8vo, clo. Phila., 1881. 


693 BISBEE. Family Records of Thomas 
Besbedge (Bisbee) of Scituate, Mass., 1634, by 

i W. B. Lapham. 8vo, pp. 48. Augusta, Me. , 
I 1876. $1 

sketches, Biographical and Genealogical, of 
William Blackstone and his descendants, by 
L. M. Sargent. 8vo, pp. 43. Privately printed. 
Norwich, 1857. $2.50 

695 BOARDMAN. Genealogy and a bio- 
graphical sketch of Dea. Timothy Boardman. 
Sm. 4to, pp. 50. 50 copies printed. Albany, 
1885. $1.25 

696 BOOTH. Family of Richard Boothe, 
(an original settler in Stratford, Conn.) traced 

through some branches of his posterity, and 
introduced by fragmentary Notes on Ancient 
Stratford. [By Rev. Benjamin L. Swan.] 
Map and Opiates. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1862. 


697 BOUTELL (C.) English Heraldry. 
Ab(i illustrations. 4th ed. 12mo, clo. Lond., 
1879. $2 

698 BOYD (J.) Annals and Family Records 
of Winchester, Conn., &c. Portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Hartford, 1873. $5 

699 BRADFORD Family. Genealogical 
Memorials of William Bradford, the Printer, 
by Samuel S. Purple, M.D. Plates. 4to, 
clo. 1^. Y., privately planted, 1873. $5 

700 BRADLEE Family, with particular 
reference to the Descendants of Nathan Brad- 
ley, of Dorchester, Mass., by S. B. Doergett. 
8vo, pp. 45. Bost., 1878. $1.50 

701 BRAINERD Family in U. S., by D. D. 
Field. Portraits. 8vo, clo. N. Y'., 1867. 


702 BRIDGER (C.) An Index to Printed 
Pedigrees, Contained in County and Local 
Histories, and Heralds' Visitations, and in 
the more important Genealogical collections. 
8vo, clo. Lond., 1867. $3 

703 BRIDGMAN (Thomas.) Pilgrims of 
Boston and their descendants, with inscrip- 
tions from the monuments in the Granary 
Burial Ground, Tremont St. Portrait, arms, 
&c. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1856. $6 

704 BRIGGS. A Partial Record of De- 
scendants of Walter Briggs of Westchester, 
N. Y., by Sam. Briggs. 4to, sewed. Cleve- 
land, 1878. $1.50 

705 BUCKINGHAM Family, by F. W. 
Chapman. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Hartford, 
1872. $4 

706 BULKELEY Pedigree (The.) 8vo, pp. 
6. 50 cts. 

707 BURKE (J. and J. B.) Genealogical 
and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gen- 
try of G. Britain and Ireland. 2 vols., royal 
8vo, clo., uncut. Lond., 1847. $6 

708 Royal Families of England, Scot- 
land and Wales, with their descendants, sov- 
ereigns and subjects, by John and J. B. 
Burke. Portrait. 2 vols., imp. 8vo, half 
mor., gilt top, uncut. Lond., 1848. $10 

709 BURLEY. Genealogy of the Burley 
or Burleigh Family of America, by Charles 
Burleigh. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Portland, 1880 


710 BURR. General History of the Burr 
Familv in America — 1570 to 1878. by C. B. 
Todd. Portraits. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1878. $3 

711 BUTLER. Descendants of Thomas 
and Elizabeth Butler, of Butler's Hill, South 
Berwick, Me., 1674 to 1886, by Geo. H. 
BuLler, M.D. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1886. $3 

712 CANDEE. G^^nealogy, with Notices 
of Allied Families of Allyd, Catlin, Cooke, 
Mallery, Newell, Norton, Pynchon, and 


Nash and Pierce, 

Wadsworth, by C. C. Baldwin. 3 plates. 
8vo, hlf. mor. Cleveland, 1883. $3.50 

713 CARPENTER. Genealogical and 
Historical Record of the Carpenter Family, 
by J. Usher. 8vo, pp. 70. N.Y.,1883. $1 

714 CAVERLY Family, from 1116 to 1880, 
by R. B. Caverly. Plates. 8vo, clo. Lowell, 
1880 S*^ 25 

715 CAVERNO Family Record, by^A. 
Caverno. 12mo, pr., pp. 36. Dover, 1874. $1 

716 CHANDLER. Descendants of Wil- 
liam and Annis Chandler, who settled in 
Roxbury, Mass., 1637. Collected by George 
Chandler. Printed for the Family. Por- 
traits. Royal 8vo, clo., pp. 1315. Worcester, 
1883. $7 

717 CHAUNCEYS. Memorials of the 
Chaunceys, including President Chauncey, 
liis ancestors and descendants, by W. C. 
Fowler (with the ParaDhlet Appendix). 
Portrait. 8vo, clo. Bost.,^ 1858. $5 

718 CLARKE. Descendants of Nathaniel 
Clarke, of Newbury, Mass., by G. K. Clarke. 
8vo, pr., uncut, pp. 121. Bost., 1883. $1-75 

719 CHAPMAN. Descendants of Ralph 
Chapman, by C. B. Gerard. 4to, clo. New- 
burgh, 1876. $1.50 

720 CHITTENDEN Family : William 
Cliittenden of Guilford, Conn., and his 
descendants, by Alvan Talcott, M.D. 8vo, 
clo. 1862. $2.50 

721 CLEVELAND. Register of descend- 
ants of Moses Cleveland, ofWoburn, Mass., 
by J. B. Cleveland. Part I. 8vo, pp. 48. 
Albany, 1881. 75 cts. 

722 CLUTE (R. F.) Annals and Parish 
Register of St. Thomas and St. Denis Parish, 
in South Carolina, from 1680 to 1884, collected 
and arranged by Robert F. Clute, Rector. 8vo, 
pp. Ill, clo. Charleston, 1884. $2 

723 COFFIN. Joshua Coffin, by Rev. Elias 
Nason. 8vo, pp. 4. 1866. 25 cts. 

724 Genealogy of the early genera- 
tions of the Coffin Family in N. England. 8vo, 
uncut, pp. 17. Boston, 1870. $1 

725 COLDEN. Genealogical Notes of the 
Colden Family in America, by Edwin R. Pur- 
ple. 4to, clo. IS^.Y., privately printed, 1873. 


726 CORWIN (Curwin, Curwen, Corwine.) 
Genealogy in the U. S., by E. T. Corwin. 
Plates. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1872. $2 

727 CROSBY Family and their Descend- 
ants, by N. Crosby. 8vo, clo. Lowell, 1877. 


728 CRUISE .(W.) Treatise on the origin 
and nature of Dignities, or Titles of Honour ; 
containing all the cases of Peerage, together 
with the mode of proceeding in claims of this 
kind. 8vo, elf. Loud., 1810. An extremely 
useful book of reference. $1.50 

729 CUTTER. History of the Cutter Fam- 
ily of New England. Compiled by Dr. B. 
Cutter, revised and enlarged by W. R. Cutter. 
Portraits. Svo, pr., uncut, pp. 374. Boston, 
1871. $3 

730 DE VEAUX FAMILY, introducing, 
the numerous forms of spelling the name by 
various branches and generations in the past 
1100 years, by T. F. De Voe. 8vo, clo. N.Y., 
1885. $2.50 

731 DOD'S.Peerage, Baronetage and Knight- 
age of G. B. and Ireland. 12mo, clo. Lond., 
1866. $1.50 

732 DROWNE. Genealogy of family of 
Solomon Drowne, M.D., of Rhode Island, 
with notices of his ancestors, 1646-1879, by 
Henry T. Drowne. '^portraits. 8vo, pp. 16. 
Prov., 1879. $2 

733 DURRIE (D. S.) Index to American 
Genealogies and Pedigrees in State, County 
and Town Histories. Svo, clo. Albany, 1878. 

734 New Edition (3d) revised and en- 
larged. Svo, clo. Albany, 1886. $3 

Some account of the Ellis, Pemberton, Wil- 
lard, Prescott, Titcomb, Sewall and Long- 
fellow, and allied families, by Sarah E. Tit- 
comb. Svo, clo. Boston, 1882. $4 

736 EDWARDS. Memorial Volume of the 
Edwards Family Meeting at Stockbridge, 
Mass., Sept. 6-7, 1870. Portrait. Svo, clo. 
Boston, 1871. $1.75 

737 ELY. Records of the descendants of 
Nathaniel Ely, who settled first in Newtown, 
now Cambridge, Mass., was one of the first 
settlers of Hartford, also of Norwalk, Conn., 
and a resident of Springfield, Mass., from 1659 
until his death in 1675. Fine portraits. 4to, 
clo. Cleveland, O., 1885. $7.50 

738 EMERSON. Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
his maternal ancestors, with some reminis- 
cences of him, by D. G. Haskins, D.D. 12mo. 
Boston, 1886. 35 cts. 

739 EPITAPHS from the Old Burying 
Ground in Groton, Mass. With Notes, by S. 
A. Green, M.D. Svo, clo. Boston, 1878. $3 

740 EPITAPHS from the Cemetery on 
Worcester Common, with occasional Refer- 
ences and Index, by W. S. Barton. Svo, pp. 
36. Worcester, 1848. 75 cts. 

741 EPITAPHIANA ; or Curiosities of 
Churchyard Literature, being a Collection of 
Epitaphs, &c., by W. Fairley. 12mo, clo. 
Lond., 1873. $1.50 

742 FAIRFAXES of England and America 
in the 17th and 18th Centuries, including let- 
ters from Hon. Wm. Fairfax and his sons, by 
E. D. Neill. Pedigree. Svo, clo. Albany, 
1868. $2.50 

743 FARMER (J.) Genealogical Register 
of the First Settlers of New England, to which 
are added various Genealogical and Biograph- 
ical notes. Svo, bds., uncut. Lancaster, 
Mass., 1829. $S 

744 FENTON. Descendants of Robert 
Fenton, Early Settler of Ancient Windham, 
Conn., by W. L. Weaver. Svo, pp. 34. 
Willimantic, 1867. $1 

745 FLETCHER. Descendants of Robert 
Fletcher, of Concord, Mass., by E. H. Fletch- 
er. Portrait. Svo, clo. Bost., 1871. $2.50 

80 Nassau Street, New York. 


746 FOWLER (W. C.) Conditions of Suc- 
cess in Genealogical Investigations illustrated 
in the Character of Nathaniel Chauncey. 8vo, 
pp. 28. Bost., 1866. 50 cts. 

747 FULLER. Descendants of John Fuller, 
Newton, 1644-98, by S. C. Clarke. 8vo, pp. 

50 cts. 

748 GALE Family. 8vo, pp. 9. n. p. . n. d. 

35 cts. 

749 GOODWIN (N.) Genealogical Notes, 
or Contributions to the Family History of 
some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and 
Massachusetts. 8vo, clo. Hartford, 1856. 


750 GOULD. Ancestry and Posterity of 
Zaccheus Gould, of Topsfield, byB. A. Gould. 
8vo, pp. 109. Salem, 1872. . $2 

751 GRANT. Ancestry of General U. S. 
Grant, and their Contemporaries, by E. C. 
Marshall. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1869. $1.50 

752 GREENE. Genealogical Sketch of 
descendants of Thomas Green [e], of Maiden, 
Mass., by S. S. Greene. 8vo, pp. 80. Bost., 
1858. $1.75 

753 GRIFFING. Genealogy of the de- 
scendants of Jasper Griffing, compiled by 
Clara J. Stone. Roy. 8vo, clo, uncut. 1881. 


754 HALE. Thomas Hale, of Newbury, 
Mass., 1637, his English Origin and Connec- 
tions, by Hon. R. S.^Hale. 8vo, pp. 8. Bost., 
1881. 50 cts. 

755 H ANN AY (James.) Three Hundred 
Years of a Norman House, the Barons of 
Gournay from the 10th to 13th Century, with 
Genealogical Miscellanies. 8vo, clo. Lond., 
1867. 1.25 

756 HARRIS Family. Thomas Harris in 
Ipswich, Mass., 1636, and some of his de- 
scendants to 1883, by W. S. Harris. Portraits. 
8vo, clo. Nashua, 1883. $3 

757 HART. Genealogical History of Dea- 
con Stephen Hart and his descendants, 1632- 
1875, &c., by Alfred Andrews. Portraits. 
8vo, clo. Hartford, 1875. $4 

758 HARTLEY. Memorial of Robert Mil- 
ham Hartley. Edited by his son, Isaac Smith- 
son Hartley, D.D. 2 'portraits, arms and mew 
of study. 8vo, clo, pp. 549. Printed, not 
published. [Utica, 1882.] $5 

759 HATCH. Major Timothy Hatch, of 
Hartford, Conn., and his descendants, by E, 
H. Fletcher. Portrait. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 
1879. $1.25 

760 HAVEN. Descendants of Richard 
Haven, of Lynn, Mass., &c., by Josiah 
Adams. 8vo, pp. 54. Bost., 1843. $1 

761 Another copy, interleaved. 8vo, 

clo. $1.25 

First Church in Hartford, 1633-1885. [His- 
torical Preface, Articles of Faith, Catalogue 
of Members, Births, Baptisms, Marriages and 
Death.] 12mo, pr. uncut, pp. 294. 1885. 


763 HOLCOMBE (W. F., M.D.). Fam- 
ily Records, their Importance and Value. 
Royal 8vo. pp 12, N. Y., 1877. $1 

764 HOLGATE (J. B.) American Gene- 
alogy, being a history of some of the Early 
Settlers of North America and their descend- 
ants, from first emigration to present time, 
with intermarriages and collateral branches, 
&c., with Genealogical tables. With correc- 
tions and addenda. 4to, hlf. mor. N. Y., 
1851. $16 

Contains following families: Rapelye, Johnson, 
Van Rensselaer, Gardiner, Beekman, Bleecker, De- 
Graaf, Hoffman, Kip, DeLaneey, Barclay, Roosevelt, 
"Van Schaick, Livingston, Lawrence, Osgood, Jay. 

765 HOLMES. A Letter of Directions to 
his father's birthplace, by John Holmes. With 
Notes and a Genealogy, by D. W. Patterson. 
8vo, pp. 76. N. Y.,1865. $1.25 

766 HOLTON Chart of Descendants of 
Deacon William Holton, who came to Mass. 
from Ipswich, Eng., in 1634 down to 1872. 
With portrait of Dr. D. P. and Mrs. Holton. 

50 cts. 

767 Chart of some of the Descendants 

of William Holton, particularly the children 
of Joel Holton, of Westminster, Vt., with all 
of Wm. of the 6th gen. to the 9th gen. 50 cts. 

769 HORNBLOWER (Josiah) and the first 
steam engine in America, with some notices 
of the Schuyler Copper Mines at Second 
River, N. J., and a Genealogy of the Horn- 
blower Family, by Wm. Nelson. 8vo, pp. 
80. Newark, 1883. $1 

770 HOTTEN. Our Early Emigrant An- 
cestors, original Lists of Persons of Quality, 
emigrants, religious exiles, political rebels, 
serving men sold for a term of years, appren- 
tices, children stolen, maidens pressed and 
others who went from Great Britain to the 
American Plantations, 1600-1700; their ages, 
localities where they formerly lived, ships in 
which they embarked, &c. From MSS. in 
the Public Record Office, England. Edited 
by John Camden Hotten. 2d edition. 4to, 
clo., pp. 580. N. Y., 1880. $5 

771 HULL. Records of some of descend- 
ants of Richard Hull, New Haven, 1639-1662, 
by S. C. Clarke. 8vo, pp. 20. Bost., 1869. 

75 cts. 

772 HUNTINGTON Family in this Coun- 
try, all known descendants of Simon and 
Margaret Huntington, and first generation of 
descendants of other names, by Rev. E. B. 
Huntington. Portraits. 8vo, clo. Stamford, 
1863. $4 

773 HUNTON Philip Hunton and his 
descendants, by D. T. V. Huntoon. 8vo, clo. 
Canton, Mass., 1881. $2 

774 HUTCHINSON Family, or descend 
ants of Barnard Hutchinson, by P. Derby. 
8vo, clo. Salem, 1870. $1.50 

775 JANES Famil}^ Descendants of Will- 
iam, the emigrant ancestor of, 1637, &c., by 
Rev. F. Janes. 8vo. clo. N. Y., 1868. $2 

776 JAUNCEY Family. The Bermuda 
Branch of the. 8vo, pp. 6. N. Y., 1873. 

75 cts. 

777 Family of New York. Portrait 

and arms. 8vo, pp. 25. N Y., 1876. $1.50 


ISTash and Pierce, 

778 JONES. The Feudal Barons of Powys, 
by Morris Charles Jones. With Pedigrees. 
8vo, clo. Lond., 1868. $3 

779 Memorial of Hon. David S. Jones. 

With appendix of Notices of Jones Family, of 
Queen's Co., N. Y. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1849. 


780 KIP. Historical Notes of the Family 
of Kip of Kipsburg and Kip's Bay, N. Y. 
8vo, pp. 49. Privately printed, 1871. |2 

781 LATHROP. Lo-Lathrop Family in 
this Country, embracing the descendants as 
far as known of Rev. John Lothrop, of Scitu- 
ate and Barnstable, Mass. , and Mark Lothrop, 
of Salem and Bridgewater, Mass.. and first 
generation of descendants of other names, 
bv Rev. E. B. Huntington. Portraits anid 
plates. Royal 8vo, clo., uncut. Ridgefield, 

1884. $6 
783 LAWRENCE (John), of Wisset, in Suf- 
folk, England, and of Watertown and Groton, 
Mass. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1857. $2.25 

783 LAWRENCE-TOWNLEY, and Chase- 
Townley Estates in England, by J. Usher. 
8vo, uncut. N. Y., 1883. $1.50 

784 LEE. Genealogical History of the Lee 
Family of Virginia and Maryland, from 1800 
to 1866. Witli notes and illustrations. Edi- 
ted by E. C. Mead. Portraits and arms. 4to, 
clo., gilt. N. Y., 1868. $3 

785 LEFFERT'S Family, 1650-1878, by 
Teunis G. Bergen. 8vo, clo. Albany, 1878. 

S2 50 

786 LEIGHTON. Account of the descend- 
ants of Capt. Wm. Leighton, of Kittery, 
Maine, with collateral notes by T. F. Jordan. 
With brief memoirs of Maj. Chs. Frost and 
Capt. John Hill. 8vo, pp. 127. Albany, 

1885. $3 

787 LEISLER. Genealogical Notes relat- 
ing to Lieut. -Gov. Jacob Leisler, and his 
family connections in New York, by Edwin 
R. Purple. 4to, clo. N. Y. , privately printed, 
1877. $5 

788 LELAND Magazine, or a Genealogical 
Record of Henry Leland and his descendants, 
account of 9,624 persons in 10 generations, 
embracing nearly every person of the name of 
Leland in America, from 1653 to 1850, by S. 
Leland. "^^ portraits. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1850. 


789 LEONARD Family, by Wm. R. Deane. 
8vo. pp. 20. Bost., 1851. 50 cts. 

790 LEYERETT Family Pedigree, 1619- 
1853. 25 cts. 

791 LIBBY Family in America, 1602-1881, 
by Charles T. Libby. Portraits. 8vo, pp. 
628. Portland, 1882. $6 

792 MACY Family from 1635-1868, com- 
piled by S. J. Macy. Portraits and facsimiles. 
4to, clo. Albany, 1868. $5 

793 MARSHALL (G. W.) An Index to the 
Pedigrees in the Printed Heralds' Visitations. 
8vo, clo. Lond., 1866. $2.50 

794 McKINSTRY Family, by W. Willis. 
8vo, pp. 28. Bost., 1858, $1 

795 MESSINGER Family, by Hon. G. W. 

Messinger. 8vo, pp. 14. Albany, 1863. 75 cts. 

796 MARSTONS. Memoirs of the Mar- 
stons of Salem, with brief Genealogy of some 
of their descendants. Royal 8vo, uncut. Bost., 
1873. $2.25 

797 MONTAGUE Family Meeting at Had- 
ley, Mass. Portrait and plate. 8vo, clo. Bost, 
1882. $1.50 

798 MONTGOMERY. Genealogical His- 
tory of the Family of Montgomery, including 
the Montgomery Pedigree, by T. H. Mont- 
gomery. Royal 8vo, clo. Phila., privately 
printed, 1863. $5 

799 MORGAN- AVERY. Our Family Gene- 
alogy. Printed for the family but not pub- 
liseed, by N. H. Morgan. 8vo, pp. 16. Hart- 
ford, 1851. $1 

800 MORGAN Genealogy. A History of 
James Morgan, of New London, Conn., and 
his descendants, from 1607 to 1869, with ap- 
pendix, by N. H. Morgan. Portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Hartford, 1869. $4 

801 MORRIS. Memoranda of the descend- 
ants of Amos Morris of East Haven, Conn. 
Plate. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1853. $2.50 

802 MORRIS. Lineal Ancestors of Ed- 
ward Morris and Mercy Flynt, of Wilbraham, 
Mass., by J. F. Morris (60 copies privately 
printed). 8vo, pp. 74. Hartford, 1882. $2 

803 MORRISON. History of the Mori- 
son or Morrison Family. A complete history 
of the Morison Settlers of Londonderry, N. 
H., of 1719, and their descendants, &c., by 
L. A. Morrison. Map and portraits. 8vo. 
clo. Bost., 1880. $2.50 

804 MOWRY. Richard Mowry, of Ux- 
bridge, Mass., his Ancestors and his descend- 
ants, by W. A. Mowrv. Portraits and plates. 
8vo, clo. Providence", 1878. $3 

805 Descendants of Nathaniel Mowry, 

of Rhode Island, by W. A. Mowry. 8vo, clo. 
Providence, 1878. $3 

806 MULFORD Family, by W. R. Mul- 
ford. 8vo, pp. 12. Bost., 1880. 75 cts. 

807 MUNROE. Genealogy, by John G. 
Locke. 8vo. pp. 15. Bost, 1853. 60 cts. 

808 MUNSELL. Memorial Sketch of Joel 
Munsell, by J. J. Latting. Portrait. Royal 
8vo, pp. 12. N. Y ., privately printed, 1880. 

60 cts. 

809 NAF, NEFF. A Chronicle, together 
with a little Romance regarding Rudolf and 
Jacob Naf, of Frankford, Pennsylvania, and 
their Descendants, including an account of 
the Neffs in Switzerland and America, by 
Elizabeth Clifford Neff. Square 8vo, clo., 
uncut. Cin., 1886. $5 

810 NEW YORK Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Record, devoted to the interests of 
American Genealogy and Biography, issued 
quarterly, from its commencement in 1870 to 
end of 1886. Portraits. 17 vols. 8vo, in 
Nos., uncut. N. Y., 1870-86. $33 

Subscriptions received at $2 per year. 

80 Kassau Street, Kew York. 


811 O'CALLAGHAN (E. B.) Names of 
Persons for whom Marriage Licenses were 
issued by the Secretary of Province of New 
York previous to 1784. 8vo, clo. Albany, 
1860. $3 

812 OLCOTT. Descendants of Thomas 
Olcott, one of the first settlers of Hartford, 
Conn., by N. Goodwin. 8vo, pp. 64. Hart- 
ford, 1845. $1.25 

813 Another edition, revised by H. S. 

Olcott. 8vo, pp. 124. Albany, 1874. $1.50 

814 OLMSTEAD Family of New England, 
by Elijah L. Thomas. 16mo, hlf. roan. Al- 
bany, 1869. $1 

815 PAINE Genealogy, Ipswich Branch, 
by A. W. Paine. 8vo, clo. Bangor, 1881. 


816 PALMER Records. First Palmer 
Family Reunion at Stonington, Conn., Aug., 
1881. Edited by Noyes F. Palmer. Portraits. 
8vo, clo., pp. 296. Brooklyn, 1881. $3 

817 PARSONS. Chart of Descendants of 
Cornet Joseph Parsons who settled in Spring- 
field. Mass., 1635-1877. ' 50 cts. 

818 Chart of Descendants of Thomas 

Parsons of Great Milton, Oxfordshire, Eng- 
land, 1555-1871. 50 cts. 

819 PEABOD Y Family, as compiled by C. 
M. Endicott, revised and corrected by W. S. 
Peabody, with a partial record of the Rhode 
Island Branch, by B. F. Pabodie. Colored 
arms. "8vo, pp. 65. Bost., 1867. $2 

820 PHILLIPS Family. Pedigree of, by 
S. Whitney Phoenix. 25 cts. 

821 POND. Genealogical Record of Dan- 
iel Pond, and his descendants, by E. D. Har- 
ris. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1873. $2.50 

822 POND. Genealogical Record of Sam- 
uel Pond, and his descendants, by D. S. 
Pond. 8vo, pp. 126. New London, Ohio, 
1875. $1.25 

823 POORE. Memoir and Genealogy of 
John Poore. 10 Generations, 1615-1880, in- 
cluding the posterity of numerous daughters, 
pedigrees of many other families, &c., by 
Alfred Poore. 4to, clo. Salem, 1881. $4 

824 PORTER. Descendants of Richard 
Porter and allied Families, also of John Por- 
ter, by J. W. Porter. 8vo, clo. Bangor, 
1878. $3 

825 POWERS Family. Walter Power 
and some of his descendants, by A. H. Powers. 
Portrait. 8vo, clo. Chicago, 1884. $3 

826 PROCEEDINGS of the N. E. Genea- 
logical Society, 1868-9, 1873-83. 13 pamphlets. 


827 PROVOOST. Genealogical Notes of 
the Provoost Family of New York, by Edwin 
R. Purple. Portrait. 4to, clo. N. Y., 'pri- 
'oately pi'inted, 1876. $5 

828 REED. History of the Reed, Read, 
Readc and Reid Families in Europe and 
America, by J. W. Reed. Portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Bost., 1861. $3 

829 RICE. Genealogical History of the 
Rice Family, descendants of Deacon Edmund 

Rice. With Index of Names, &c., by A. H. 
Ward. 8vo, clo. Bost., 1858. $5 

830 BOBBINS. Chart of Descendants of 
John Bobbins, of Weathersfield, Ct., through 
his great great Grandson, Capt. Elisha Rob- 
bins. 1638-1881. 50 cts. 

831 ROBINSON. Memoir of Rev. Wm. 
Robinson formerly pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church in Southington, Conn., with 
some account of his Ancestors in this Country, 
by his son, Edward Robinson. 8vo, clo. 
N. Y ., privately printed, 1859. $4 

Contains Genealogical Notes on the four genera- 
tions, with notices of the Wiswells and Peabodys. 
Also Appendices D, E, F, H. and K contain accounts of 
the families of Wolcott, Mosely, Mills, Norton, Strong, 
and Hooker. 

832 ROCKWOOD. Record of the Descend- 
ants of Timothy Rockwood. by E. L. Rock- 
wood. 12mo, clo. Bost., 1856. $1 

833 ROGERS. John Rogers, the compiler 
of the first authorised English Bible and its 
first martyr, e unbracing a genealogical ac- 
count of his family, biographical sketches of 
some of his principal descendants, &c., by J. 
L. Chester. Portrait and plate. 8vo, clo., 
uncut. Lond., 1861. $2.50 

834 SALTER. Memorial Services and No- 
tices of Geo. Wm. Salter, of Washington, D. 
C. 8vo, pp. 47. Wash., 1882. 50 cts. 

835 Names and Notices of First Settlers 

of Monmouth County, New Jersey. 8vo, pp. 
55. Trenton, 1883. 50 cts. 

836 SALZBURGERS and their Descend- 
ants, a history of a colony of German (Lu- 
theran) Protestants who emigrated to Georgia 
in 1734, by P. A. Strobel. Portrait, plite. 
12mo, clo. Bait., 1855. $1.50 

837 SAVAGE. Genealogical Notes and 
Errata to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, 
correcting Family Records of Richard Fran- 
cis, John Whittingham, Hon. John Clarke, 
Wm. Hubbard, Rev. Nath. Rogers, Wm. 
Heley, and others, by C. H. Dall. 8vo, pp. 
8. Lowell, n. d. 75 cts. 

838 SCHUYLER Family, by Joel Muu- 
sell. Edition 30 copies. 8vo, pp. 11. Pii- 
vately printed, 1874. $2 

839 SEAMAN. Pedigree of the Seamans, 
tracing the family descended from Capt. John 
Seaman, of Hempstead, Long Island. Folio, 
n. d. 50 cts. 

840 SHUEY. History of the Shuey Family 
in America, from 1732 to 1876, by D. B. 
Shuey. 12mo, clo. Lancaster, 1876. $2 

841 SOUTHINGTON, CONN. Genealo- 
gies of, in Timlow's Sketes. Portraits. 
8vo, clo. Hartford, 1875. ch $5 

842 SPARKS and TICKELL Families. 
Genealogical Memoranda relating to the, com- 
piled by Reginald S. Boddington. (Privately 
printed.) 4to, pp. 10. London, 1877. $1 

843 SPRAGUE Family Memorial, by R. 
Soule, Jr. Portrait and plates. 12mo, clo. 
Boston, 1847. $2.50 

844 STETSON Family from 1634 to 1847, 
by J. S. Barry. 8vo, clo. Boston, 1847. $2 


Nash and Pierce, 

845 STILES. Contributions toward a Ge- 
nealogy of the Massachusetts family of Stiles, 
1659-1860, by H. R. Stiles, M.D. 4to, pp. 
48. Albany, 1863. $1.50 

846 STILL WELL. Notes on tlie descend- 
ants of Nicholas Stillwell, ancestor of the 
Stillwell Family in America, by W. H. Still- 
well. Portrait. 8vo, pp. 62. N. Y., 1883. $1 

847 SUFFOLK Surnames, by N. I . Bow- 
ditch, 2d ed., enlarged. 8vo, clo. Boston. 
1858. $1.50 

848 TAINTOR Family Genealogy and His- 
tory, by C. M. Taintor. 12mo, pp. 82. Green- 
field, 1847. $1 

849 THAYER, E. Family Memorial, Part 
1 : Genealogy of 14 Families of Early Set- 
tlers of New England, Alden, Adams, Ar- 
nold, Bass, Billings, Capen, Copeland, French, 
Hobart, Jackson, Paine, Thayer, Wales, and 
White, &c. Part 2: Genealogy of Ephraim 
Thayer and Sarah Thayer, with their 14 
children. 8vo, clo., uncut. Hingham, 1835. 


850 TPIOMAS. Genealogical Notes: con- 
taining the Pedigree of the Thomas Family 
of Maryland, and of Snowden, Buckley, 
Lawrence, Chew, Ellicott, Hopkins, Johnson, 
Rutherfurd, Fairfax, Schieffelin, Tyson and 
others, Yiews and Coats-of-Arms, by L. B. 
Thomas, both Parts. Illustrated hy extra 
views and portraits — over 60 plates. 4to, 
folded. Bait., 1877-8. $8 

the Churchyard of the First R. D. Cliurch of 
Fishkill Yillage, Dutchess County, N. Y., by 
E. W. Yan Yoorhis. For private distribu- 
tion only. Plate. 8vo, clo. [N. Y., 1883.] 

%2 50 

852 TRENTON, N. J. Genealogy of Early 
Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, Old Hunter- 
don County, New Jersey. [CJooley.] 8vo, 
clo. Trenton, 1883. $5 

853 TURNER. Descendants of Humphrey 
Turner, with Family Records. In two parts. 
By Jacob Turner. Sm, 4to, pp. 64. Boston, 
1852. %2 50 

854 TUTHILL. Family Meeting of de- 
scendants of John Tuthill, one of the original 
settlers of the Town of Southold, N. Y. 
Held at New Suffolk, L, I., August, 1867. 
8vo, pp. 60. Sag Harbor, 1867. $1 

855 YAN BRUNT Family, 1653-1867, by 
Teunis G.Bergen. 8vo, clo. Albany, 1867. $2 

856 USHER, J. Facts about Unclaimed 
Money and Estates, including a Register con- 
taining the names of upwards of 5,000 per- 
sons who are heirs or otherwise entitled to 
money and estates. 8vo, pp. 63. N. Y., 
[1884]. 25 cts. 

857 YALENTINES in America 1644-1874, 
by T. W. Yalentine. Portraits and plates. 
Svo, clo. N. Y., 1874. $3 

858 YASSALLS of New England and their 
immediate descendants, by E. D. Harris. Svo, 
pp. 26. Albany, 1862. 75 cts. 

859 YISLTATION of the County of Hunt- 
ingdon, under the authority of Wm. Camden, 

by his deputy, Nicholas Charles, Lancaster 
Herald, 1613. Edited by Sir Henry Ellis. 
4to, clo. Lon., 1849. $2 

861 WALKER. Memorial of the Walkers 
of the Old Plymouth Colony, Genealogical 
and Biographical Sketches of James, Philip, 
William, John, Thomas, and of their , De- 
scendants, 1620 to 1860, by J. B. R. Walker. 
Portraits. 8vo, clo., uncut. Northampton, 
1861. $4 

862 WARD. Descendants of WilUamWard 
who settled in Sudbury, Mass., in 1639, with 
Appendix, by A. H. Ward. 2 portraits. 8vo, 
clo. Bost.,1851. $3 

863 WARD. A Memoir of Lieut. -Colonel 
Samuel Ward, First Rhode Island Regiment, 
with a Genealogy of the Ward Family, by 
John Ward. 11 portraits and 3 mews. 4to, clo. 
N. Y., 1875. $5 

864 WARD (A. H.) Family Register of the 
Inhabitants of the Town of Shrewsbury, Mass. , 
from its settlement in 1717 to 1829. Portrait. 
Svo, hf. shp. Boston, 1847. $4 

865 WASHINGTON. Pedigree and His- 
tory of the Washington Family, derived from 
Odin, the founder of Scandinavia, B. C. 70, 
involving a period of 18 centuries, and in- 
cluding 55 generations down to George Wash- 
ington, by Albert Welles. Portraits and plates. 
Royal Svo, cloth, gilt. N. Y., 1879. $2.50 

866 WEBSTER. Compiled and printed for 
presentation only, by Noali Webster, i;i 1836, 
with Notes and corrections by his great-grand- 
son, Paul L. Ford. Brooklyn, N. Y., privately 
printed, 1876. 4to, pp. 11. $2 

867 WEITZEL Memorial. Historical and 
Genealogical Record of descendants of Paul 
Weitzel, of Lancaster, Pa., 1740; also Allen, 
Byers, Bailey, Crawford, Davis, Hayden, 
M'Cormick, Stone, White, &c., by H. E. 
Hayden. Svo, pp. 81. Wilkes-Barre, 1883. $2 

868 WETMORE Family of America and 
its collateral branches, with notices, by J. C. 
Wetmore. Royal Svo, uncut. Albany, 186L 


869 WHITMORE (W. H.) Elements of 
Heraldry, containing an explanation of the 
principles of the science and a glossary, with 
essay on use of Coat- Armor in the U. S. Cuts. 
Svo, clo., uncut. Bost., 1866 $2 

870 WILLARD Memoir; or Life and Times 
of Major Simon Willard, with notices of three 
Generations of his descendants, and two col- 
lateral branches in the U. S. ; also some ac- 
count of the name and family in Europe, from 
an early day, by Joseph Willard. 3 plates. 
Svo, clo. Bost., 1858. $5 

871 WILLIAMS. Genealogy and History 
of the Williams Family in America, by S. W. 
Williams, M.D. Portraits. 12mo, clo. Green- 
field, 1847. $4.50 

872 WILLIAMS Family. By Hon. Eph- 
raim Williams. Royal Svo, pp. 8, double 
columns, n. p., n. d. $1 

873 Tracing the descendants of Ezekial 

Williams of Roxbury, Mass., by T. W. 
Seward. Svo, pp. 17. Bost., 1882. $1 

80 Kassau Street, New York; 


874 WINSLO W Memorial . Family Records 
of Winslows and their descendants in Amer- 
ica, with the English Ancestry, Kenelm 
Winslow, Yol. 1, by D. P. and F. K. Holton. 
Plates and pedigrees. 8vo, clo.- N. Y., 1877. 


875 WINSLOW. Chart of Descendants of 
Edward and Keuelm Winslow of Kempsey, 
Eng., who came to Mass., 1594-1872. Arms. 

50 cts. 

876 WINTHROP Family. Notes on, by 
W. H. Whitmore. 8vo, pp. 12. Albany, 1864. 

50 cts. 

877 WOODMAN. List of some of the de- 
scendants of Edward Woodman, who settled 
at Newbury, Mass., 1635, by Joshua Coffin. 
12mo, pp. 16. 1855. 75 cts. 


878 PALMER (A. J.) History of the 48th 
Regiment, N. Y. Y., 1861-65. Illustrated. 
8vo, clo. Brooklyn, 1885. $2 

879 Mcpherson, E. Political History 
of U. S. during the Great Rebellion, Proceed- 
ings of the Rebel Administration, &c., &c. 
2d edition. Large 8vo, clo. Wash., 1865. 


880 SCHOULER(W) History of Massa- 
chusetts in the Civil War. Map, portrait. 
2 vols., 8vo, clo. Bost., 1868. $4 

881 SOUTHERN GENERALS, who they 
are and what they have done. Portraits. 
8vo, clo. N. Y., 1865. $2 

882 OHIO. Military History of the 123d 
Regt. Ohio Yol. Infantry, by C. M. Keyes. 
12mo, clo. Sandusky, 1874. $1.50 

883 History of the 11th Ohio Regt., 

by Horton and Teverbaugh. 8vo, shp. Day- 
ton, 1866. $2 

884 GATES, T. B. War of Rebellion: a 
full and critical history, with account of the 
20th N. Y. Y., complete Roster, list of killed 
and wounded, &c. Maps and plates. 8vo, 
clo. N. Y., 1884. $2 

885 BUCHANAN'S Administration on the 
eve of Rebellion. 8vo, clo. 1866. $1.25 

A history of four years before the war. 

886 FOOTE, H. S. War of the Rebellion. 
Portrait. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1866. $2 

887 COX, J. D. Second Battle of Bull 
Run. 12m0, clo. Cinn., 1882. $1 

888 REPORT of the Joint Committee on 
the Conduct of the War, 1863, 3 vols.; 1865, 
3 vols.; Supplement, 2 vols. 8 vols., 8vo, 
clo. Wash., 1863-6. $8 

889 JUDD, D. W. Story of the 33d N. Y. 
Yol., or Two Years in Yirginia and Maryland. 
Illustrated. 12mo, clo. Rochester, 1864. 


890 ADAMS (F. C.) Siege of Washington, 
D.C. Illustrated by Waud. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 
1867. $1 

891 WILSON (Henry.) History of the Rise 
and Fall of the Slave Power in America. 3 
vols., royal 8vo, clo. Bost., 1875. $10 

892 MISSOURI. Report of Adjutant-Gen j 
eral for 1864. 8vo, bds. 1865. $1.50 ' 

893 PENSIONS. Reports of the Commis- 
sioners from 1853-4, and from 1861 to 1870, 
with Lists of Pensioners. Collected in 1 vol., 
8vo, hlf. mco. Wash., 1853-1870. $2 

894 WHITE (R. G.) New Gospel of Peace, 
according to St. Benjamin. 4Nos., complete. 
12mo. N. Y., 1863-6. $2 

895 CONFEDERATE. Tannhauser, or the 
Battle of the Bards, a Poem bv N. Temple 
and E. Trevor. 8vo, bds. Mobile, 1863. $1 

896 Our Home and Foreign Policy, by 

Henry St. Paul. 8vo, pp. 23. Daily Register 
and Advertiser, 1863. 50 cts. 

897 Rifle and Infantry Tactics, by 

Gen. Hardee. Plates. 2 vols., 16mo, bds. 
Mobile, 1863. $1.50 

898 New Testament. 18mo. Atlanta, 

Ga., 1863. $1 

899 BOTTS (John Minor.) Great Rebellion, 
its secret history, rise, progress, and disastrous 
failure. Portrait. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1866. 


900 INDIANA, ILLINOIS. Official Army 
Register of the Yolunteer Force of the U. S. 
Army for 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65. 12mo, shp. 
Wash., 1865. $2 

901 STEYENSON(W.G.) Thirteen Months 
in the Rebel Army. Narrative of personal 
adventures, by an impressed New Yorker. 
16mo, clo. N. Y., 1862. 75 cts. 

902 SHELDON (W. D.) The " Twenty- 
Seventh" (Conn.), a Regimental History. 3 
portraits. 12mo, clo. New Haven, 1866. $2 

903 THAYER (W. M.) Youth's History 
of the Rebellion from bombardment of Fort 
Sumter to the end. Illustrated. 4 vols., large 
12mo, clo. N. Y., 1885. $5 

904 PELLET (E. P.) History of the 114th 
Regiment, N. Y. S. Y. 8vo, clo. Norwich, 
1866. $2.50 

905 MELYILLE (H.) Battle-Pieces and 
Aspects of the War. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1866. 


906 HUNDLEY (D. R.) Social Relations 
in our Southern States. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 
1860. 75 cts. 

907 KECKLEY (Eliza.) Behind the Scenes, 
or 30 years a slave, and 4 years in the White 
House. Portrait. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1868. 



Nash and Pieece, 80 Kassau Street, New Yoek. 

908 RUSSELL (W. H.) My Diary Korth 
and South. 12mo, clo. Bost., 1868. $1 

909 HUNT (C. E.) The Shenandoah; or 
last Confederate Cruiser. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 
1867. $1.25 

910 GUROWSKI (A.) Diary from Mch., 
1861, to Nov., 1862. 12mo, clo. Bost, 1862. 


911 TOBITT (J. H.) What I Heard in 
Europe during the " American Excitement," 
the difference between the Government and 
People abroad. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1865. $1.25 

912 LACIAR (J. D.) Patriotism of Car- 
bon County, Pa. Portraits. 12mo, clo. 
Mauch Chunk, 1867. 75 cts. 

913 STANTON (R. L ) Church and the 
Rebellion, the agency of the Church North 
and South. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1864. $1.25 

914 PARTON (J.) General Butler in New 
Orleans, History of the Administration of the 
Department of the Gulf in 1862. Portrait and 
plans. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1864. $1.25 

915 PYNE (H. R.) History of the First 
New Jersey Cavalry (16th N. J. Regt.) Por- 
trait. 12mo, clo. Trenton, 187J. $2 

916 LOSSING (B. J.) Pictorial History of 
the Civil War. Illustrated. 3 vols, royal 8vo, 
clo. Phil., 1866. $10 

917 NEW JERSEY. Register of the Offi- 
cers and Privates of the N. J. Volunteers. 
8vo, bds. Jersey City, 1863. $1.50 

918 FOSTER (J. Y.) New Jersey and the 
Rebellion, a history of the services of the 
troops and people. Portrait. Thick 8vo, shp. 
Newark, 1868. $2.50 

919 RHODE ISLAND in the Rebellion, 
byE. W. Stone. 2d ed. 12mo, sewed, uncut. 
Prov., 1865. $2.50 

919* Shot and Shell. Third R. I. 

Heavy Artillery Regiment, by F. Denison. 
Portraits, maps, plates. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1879. 


920 Genl. A. E. Burnside and the 

Ninth Army Corps, by A. Woodbury. Maps 
and portraits. 8vo, clo. Prov., 1867. $3 

921 History of the 11th Regiment, R. 

I. v., by R. W. Rock. 12mo, clo. Prov., 
1881. $1.50 

922 Second R. I. Regiment, by A. 

Woodbury. Ma^j, portrait, 12mo, clo. Prov., 
1875. $2.50 

923 Sabres and Spurs. First R. I. 

Cavalry in the Civil War, 1861-5. With Roll 
of Honor, by F. Denison. Map, portraits. 
12mo, clo. Prov., 1876. $2.50 

924 Soldier, Senator, Man. An Ad- 
dress at funeral of Genl. A. E. Burnside, by 
A. Woodbury. Sm, 4to, uncut. Portrait of 
author inserted, only ^^ printed. Prov., 1884. 


925 Account of the First and Second 

R. I. Regiments, from the Adjt.-Genl.'s Re- 
port, 1865. Royl. 8vo, pp. 96. $1 

926 Report on the R. I. Bounty 

Frauds, &c. 8vo, uncut, pp. 411. Prov., 
1865. $1.50 

927 NEWHALL. A Memoir of Walter S. 
Newhall. Portrait. 8vo, hlf. roxb., uncut. 
Phila., 1864. $1.25 

928 TREAD WELL. Catalogue of Books 
and Pamphlets relating to the Great Civil 
War. 8vo, uncut. Brooklyn, 1874. $1 

929 HARPER'S FERRY. Report on the 
Invasion and Seizure of the Public Property 
at. 8vo, clo. Wash, 1860. $1.50 

930 RYLAND (Maj. Seth.) Evolution of a 
Life described in the Memoirs of the Mounted 
Rifles. 12mo. clo. N. Y., 1884. $1.25 

The author appears to have been an art student in 
New York, and relates many interesting events about 
persons— his travels in Europe, his return, enlisting 
in the war, with a full description of the scenes which 
he passed through. 

931 MICHIGAN. Adjutant-General's Re- 
ports for 1862, '63, '65-6. 5 vols., 8vo, shp. 
Lancing, 1863-6. $10 

932 MASON (Miss E. V.) Southern Poems 
of the War. 2d revised edition. 12mo, clo. 
Bait., 1868. $1.25 

933 SIMMS (W. G.) War Poetry of the 
South. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1867. $2 

934 LINCOLN. Political Debates between 
Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas in 
the celebrated Campaign of 1858. 8vo, clo. 
Columbus, 1860. $2.50 

935 Memorial Record of the Nation's 

Tribute to Abraham Lincoln, by B. F. Mor- 
ris. Plates. 8vo, clo. Wash., 1865. $1 

936 Assassination of A. Lincoln and at- 
tempted of W. H. Seward. Expressions of 
Condolence and Sympathy inspired by, from 
all parts of the world. 8vo, clo. Wash., 


937 Abraham Lincoln, the type of 

American Genius, an historical romance, by 
R. Blanchard. Portrait. 8vo, imcut. Wheaton, 
1882. $1 

938 McCLELLAN. Army of the Poto- 
mac, Report of its operations. Maps, plans. 
Portrait. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1864. $1 

939 BOUTWELL (G. S.) Speeches and 
Papers relating to the Rebellion and Over- 
throw of Slavery. 12mo, clo. Bost., 1867. 

75 cts 

940 FORT PILLOW Massacre. Report 
with Testimony on the, by Wade and Gooch. 
8vo, clo. Wash., 1864 -50 cts. 

941 KEMBLE (Frances Anne.) Journal of 
a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 
1838-9. 12mo, clo. N. Y., 1863. $1 

942 PRIZE CASES in New York. Report 
of the Secretary of the Navy on. 8vo, shp. 
Wash., 1864. $1 

943 GREELEY (H.) Political Text-Book 
for 1860. Compiled by Horace Greeley and 
J. F. Cleveland. 8vo, clo. N. Y., 1860. 

75 cts. 

944 ARMY LIFE, or Incidents from the 
Prayer Meeting and the Field. Illustrated. 
18mo, clo. N. Y., 1863. 75 cts. 

945 NOTT (C. C.) Sketches of the War. 
12mo, clo. N. Y., 1863. 75 cts. 



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